Bug in Filters on Card Trade Selection

I’ve found a bug in the form where we select cards for trades. The view can get out of sync with the filters chosen in the UI.

Thanks, I will get this information to the team. - Joe @ NeonMob

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This happens to me all the time. Usually I am clicking the filters before any of the cards load, and then it gets out of sync with the chosen filters. Usually I wait until cards are loaded before choosing the next filter. If it does go out of sync, I turn the filter off, then back on and it fixes itself. (I am using Chrome if that makes any difference)

I’ve had the same experience, with the same solution. It’s an irritating bug, for sure, but it’s fixable.

The problem presents with a strange symptom.
If you selected the second filter quickly enough after the first filter it will load the results of the first filter, then quickly switch to the results of the second filter, but if you were later than that it will simply not show the second results.
I believe that this shows that the second set of results are being fetched and populated into the same result set object that the first query is using, before the results are copied to the trade window buffer.
This would mean that if one is too late for the second filter to display, it’s because the second query is trying to access the trade window result set while the first filter script is still got a lock on it so the second filter gets ended.
Or something like that, I’m just guessing about how the backend works.