Auto-withdrawal issue

I was trying to trade off duplicates of old series so set up a bunch of trades (say a card with 5 copies) set up 2-3 trades of duplicates - only come to find out that one one of those trades was accepted it cancelled the others saying I auto-withdrew

This just puts a lag in trading

I love the auto-withdrawal feature in security so your last card won’t go - but I can’t put out multiple trades at the same time when I have a stockpile of the cards :sweat:

I didn’t even know I auto withdrew the trade until I set up the new trade!

I wonder if anyone else has had this issue or has thoughts on maybe a different solution when wanting to trade off a card you maybe have 10 - each trade lasts 2 days if I have to do each one at a time it will take forever (and have to remember if i included that card in each trade I do - I cross series trade A LOT)



Yes, it’s true. It would great to get an alert about all auto-withdrew trades. So you at least know about it and can retrade them.


This is great feedback, I have added it to our board for internal review. Thanks Carrie! - Joe @ NeonMob

Yes Joe
that was the issue you and i talked about a few weeks back. Well done Carrie for bringing it to the correct forum


The auto-decline feature is good for protecting your last copies, but the current version causes the problem of not being able to trade away many duplicates quickly as mentioned bove. I’m having trouble with it too.

Instead of what we have now, I think the feature just needs to ask if the user want to protect the last copy of a card. When the last copy of your card is going to be added to a trade, e.g. the number of trades including it equals the number of copies you have, the system should ask if they want to keep a last copy of it. If they say yes, they can still propose the trade and make even more trades than the number of copies, but when there is only one copy of it left, the remaining trades are auto-declined. If they say no, then nothing happens, and the remaining trades are auto-declined when there are no copies left, as usual.

And better yet, the feature can ask for the number of copies they want to keep! Like keeping 1,2 3, or 4 of them, which makes the system auto-declines the trades involving them when the remaining number of copies reaches the number specified.

Another thing that could be implemented is to ask which #of print you’re trading.

So let’s say you have 3 copies of a print (#1, #420 and #1034)

You could choose to send in a trade copy #420 to one user and copy #1034 to another user and both trades could be accepted without canceling each other.

EDIT: It could also be useful if you (for some reason) decided you only wanted to trade your lowest print (#1), then you could choose to only that instead of the higher count as is implemented right now.