Animated or static?


I’m new to this and just wondering what people’s preferences are towards animated cards or static full art?

I have a set nearly ready to go and am planning to have it either mostly animated (spinning 3d card with the oil paintings lightly separated by depth with minor animation) and then have variants and chases as static full art… Or the other way around (mostly static with animated chases).

This is my submission (an example of animated)

And these are some of the static ones

i like the animate for core and static for variants. The animated are very cool - like a universe behind a mirror.

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Animated definitely, also got around to vote for your series!

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Double thank you!

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Thank you for the feedback!

You’re welcome! :full_moon_with_face:

I only like animated cards if the aspect adds depth or more meaning to artwork. This means that I do not like if one takes a still image and decorates it with flashy FX to add to the shinyness

Of all the series I’ve seen so far, I like yours the best. Collecting now.