About inactive NM users

I’m wondering why i’ve seen some inactive users. There are some collectors that were angered by NM changes, there’s also users who got tired of collecting, or just left for unknown reasons.

Any opinions on inactive accounts?


Neonmob has been around for many years, so it’s understandable that a lot of people have grown inactive over time. Though, I think it’s a shame that inactive people have so many valuable cards in their collections, which they will probably never see or appreciate again. There’s no easy way to re-distribute these ‘lost’ cards, so I guess they’ll remain stuck forever.

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this topic comes up every once and a while, last time it was on this thread.

I express my opinion on the matter pretty clearly here, so I won’t initially do that again, but many sides are in this thread if you’re curious how this conversation has evolved over time.

I want to address this, as the conversation/debate comes up often enough, and it’s a topic that staff has discussed from time-to-time.

With any online entertainment service, the community will lose members due to any number of reasons over time. My primary goal is to create the best possible experience I can for our community. We’ve implemented a small portion of what we have planned, and even with just these minor updates, we’re seeing an uptick in engagement from collectors that haven’t been active in over a year.

With that said, I would much prefer to gain back inactive collectors rather than deactivate accounts in an effort to redistribute their collections.

If we were to redistribute inactive collections, it would be done through an opt-in collection donation system. This would mean contacting collectors that have been inactive for more than a year to ask if they wish to donate their collections. If we received a response that the collector would like to donate his or her collection, we would redistribute it. If we didn’t receive a response or received no response, we would not redistribute the collection.

But, after reading through previous debates on this topic, it sounds like the problem this is trying to solve is providing active collectors a chance to complete (or start collecting) out-of-print series. If this is the primary problem, I’m inclined to solve it using a different approach: releasing a replica edition of the same series. Pieces from the replica edition would work to complete existing series, but the cards would be differentiated from the originals with a watermark and new numbering system (e.g., Replica Print RP1000/10,000) indicating they are from a replica edition. This would maintain the rarity of the original series and provide additional revenue for the artist.

As of now, we don’t have plans to address this in the short term. We will start releasing limited packs of cards obtained through the discarding system first, and this will provide active collectors a way to obtain older out-of-print items.


Thank you for chiming in @NeonShawn. I really appreciate hearing that our collections are safe if life takes us in another direction. I personally love the art I collect and would hate for it to just disappear.

And I love the idea of replicate prints, keeping the integrity of the older sets. Curious how that would impact trading and what prints are selected - but I realize that likely isn’t a topic at this point as this is more of a long term goal.

Please keep up the communication with us!


I’ve spent well over a year finishing certain collections, so I’m going to chime in and say replica editions will not fulfill my desire to finish a set.
But I am all for you re-engaging dormant collectors. A vibrant community is the best solution by far.
How have you considered incentivising dormant collectors?
Special sets offered only to them?
Just asking.

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replica sets may not appeal to you, but it is the best I have heard as a way to bring old sold out sets to new users without negating the inferred value as well as the monetary value many old users invested in the original sets. This way allows for those users to still keep their sets - regardless of how active they currently are - as well as offer these artists to a new group of users that can appreciate - and now collect - their work.

I’m looking forward to the discussion as the team explores this process moving forward.

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I also really support this idea. It’s great. And if someone manages to finish an old series with the original prints, it seems like having your cake and eating it too.

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