A question about NM rules

I’ve just read in rules page, that it’s inadvisable to make unfair trades. For example offer common card for extremely rare one. But, is it good to offer a bit better rank card, when I really want to get something? For example I am offering uncommon card from new collection, which have free packs avaiable for common card from out of print collection.

It will depend in many variants to get your trade accepted.

  • How old the out of print set is. An uncommon for a common of a set with infinite cards, probably accepted. Same trade for a common in an older and limited set, probably not. Depends on the trader.
  • How many copies the owner as. There are sets where the upper cards are very rare, so the lower leves used to pile copies. Easier to accept.
  • If the owner is purging/no longer collecting.
  • If he/she wants to finish fast the new set. Specially with the new odds, uncommons and rares are becoming the last to get, even more than chases.

They are different categories to keep in mind while trading:

  • Popular Out of print sets (Untranslatable words, Pink and Blue, etc)
  • Regular out of print sets.
  • Popular sets out of free packs.
  • Regular sets out of free packs.
  • Popular sets with limited and numbered cards (pre-Apocalypse)
  • Niche sets with low count of copies.
  • Regular sets with limited and numbered cards.
  • Popular sets with unlimited cards (post-Apocalypse)
  • Sets with high count of cards (like The Gumpies.
  • Popular Amateur sets.
  • Older sets with free packs, but no trading activity (like Blob Faces or Letters and Number faces)
  • Sets with unlimited cards, flooded with lower level copies (usually because 6+ chases)
  • Niche Amateur sets (pets, photography, etc)
  • Regular Amateur sets.

The closer you get between categories, the easier a trade will be. Keep in mind that just because your trade is fair or more than fair, it doesn’t mean it will be accepted. Also, it will take time and effort to get a card you want, and there’s a chance of not own it.

  • I made up the list of categories.
    ** If you really want the card, ask first. They’re really nice people collecting.

Thank you, I’m sure, it will help me.