A most curious series, indeed! ... now available

Only carats will satisfy this rabbit … A special new series is coming soon from WallaBee …


Interesting, no vote at all?!
That’s a bummer, not getting the email/mail notification of series you voted for…

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Exchange carats for a caterpillar … only a week to go until a special new series from WallaBee …

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how many cards will be in this series? Curiouser and Curiouser

This hatter is mad for carats … A special new series from WallaBee is almost here!

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27 (maybe a few more, depending on how the special card that once was will be introduced)

Not affiliated, but me just guessing from the set I know from wallabeegame.com :wink:

Completing all those milestones is about to pay off!

Redeem your carats to fall :point_down:t2::rabbit::hole: in this Alice in Wonderland inspired limited edition series from WallaBee …collect all the cards in Gaberbocchus Silvis before it sells out!


This is a carats-only series. The only packs available to open are carat packs. Complete collecting and series milestones to earn carats which you can redeem on carat packs of this series.

oh gosh do I want to spend carats
EDIT: I decided to spend because this set will probably make good trading fodder.

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Expensive, especially for such a small set that basically recycles the same piece three times. Disappointing, but also collecting since I have collected the other sets from this artist.

Overall feels it falls short, especially after so much hype - as IMHO their other series have been so much better - and unfortunate that this is exclusive carats as not all will be able to collect.

Not really how I thought carats would be used - this set just seems to be a carat sink :frowning:

That said - my OCD is pushing me to complete it :frowning: so off I go to trade.


And I really first had misread this as: Redeem your carats to FAIL :flushed:

But when I do some calculations about carats against number of cards and my humble experience of 312 days of playing, I probably will not be able to complete core, chase and variants of this wonderful set - even with 4.4 milion carts at my hands and possible trading (And I don’t like incomplete series, especially when I was able to collect the cards my self) And with a limited set per definition NOT ALL collectors will be able to get a complete series, let alone complete the core.

Now, if it just were the basic cards + 4 chases = 29 cards, I might have considered it. But blowing the core set with 25 B&W feels somehow wrong. (Variants is something you can decide to collect or not, but a core set you want it to be completed. And be it for carats only.)

The big gamble here also is: how many carats will be rewarded when completed the core set? Probably not as much as has been spended.

I love the artists work and until now I have collected all his series here at Neonmob. But this one I will let go. First because I already have this wonderful set saved at wallabee and second, because I have the feeling this will not be the last series for carats only. And I really don’t know if I can hold the horses if a series from Surrender Comics would be published this way…

So maybe I did read the that sentence above in the right way…

P.S: I am really surprised there is no paid pack option. This must mean that the artist don’t get a 30% royalty on pack sales of their pro series. Seems in this case, the artist is getting nothing at all… let alone NeonMob themselves. Because I probably would have spent some credits for this set…

PPS: This will probably make collecting Out-Of-Print sets more difficult as it already is, because there will be more cards discarded to gain those needed carats. Oh well…

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Also, with a series like this, you could have gained new players either from Wallabee or even Alice-in-wonderland-fans through your usual announcement channels… only that they find out they have no chance at all to collect let alone complete this series as it take a lot of time to gather those carats…


I agree. I blew more carats trying to collect this then I ever wanted, but I really have no other option. This is the second wallabee series that this limited pack option has just failed on. And if the pricing keeps trend, this will be the last carat series I collect. I don’t collect too many sets, so it’s hard for me to earn them, and I hate discarding, so not sure I’ll finish this set even after dropping over 1 million carats on it.

This is just not fun anymore.


Why is this pack so special? What does a creator have to do to get such a limited option?
Just wondering what went through the game designers’ minds when deciding to let this be a thing

Sorry guys but no one is forced to collect that series. Just let go… :slightly_smiling_face: I think its generally good to try new options for example to prevent veterans from being bored. Nothing is perfect, that is called life. I have no need to complain about everything that does not fit my way… Best wishes for the weekend to all and just have a cold beer and smile…

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I’m just wondering how the creator of the series got to have this special option, that’s all

Wallabee is another collecting game so one can guess they can talk on a different level as other creators. Don’t forget both sides run a similar business after all🙂

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Ohhh, it must be a special feature, i never knew wallabee was a different game

@lunacrescentia Now that we have implemented special features like Limited Edition, etc. the team identifies submitted series that we think the collecting community would really enjoy and works with the creator to build out a series to fit some specifications. Although the NeonMob team makes the final decision on an special series released, creators are welcome to pitch us their series ideas directly for special features. If a creator would like us to consider their series for limited edition, limited time availability, special rarity distribution, etc. just send a note to support@neonmob.com with the link to your pro voting submission and other images from your prospective series … tell us why your series should have special features and we will take a look.

Regarding the WallaBee series, we have a good relationship with WallaBee and really enjoy their sets so we like to work with them on special releases. - Joe @ NeonMob

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