Tips for trading with me:

-All trades considered, except for singles from completed sets!
-I will not accept trades for sets I don’t collect
-Often I’ll accept duplicates of prints I already own
-I consider if set is sold out or out of free packs
-I usually don’t trade older finite sets for the newer infinite ones
-Rarely will I accept offers to trade up; I’d rather match rarity
-Typically I will not part with my last duplicate - especially if I have a full second set of a series - unless it is for something I really need/want.

Other Notes:

-Just because I have more than one copy, it doesn’t mean it’s for trade. Please respect that, especially if I decline
-If I don’t counter, I didn’t see anything I wanted, thought was fair for, or I don’t want to trade what you asked for
-Happy to chat with you if you aren’t sure what to offer for a piece you want.


Passively collecting missing prints from

+Nanobots (216/262!)

Wish I had!

+Bacon [Animated]
+Wall•e [Animated]
+Nature’s Children 2: Ross
+SūpāPop: Anime-Expo® Promo [Variant 1]