Your favorites are back … introducing NeonMob Classics!

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

The team here at NeonMob is always thinking of new ways to engage the collecting community, whether you have been a ‘Mobsters for years or just got started. So are latest trial promotion combines a little old with the new. We are excited to announce the release of My Wondrous Travels (U) by Tyrone Webb … our first NeonMob Classics release!

Each NeonMob Classics collection would offer unlimited prints for some of our most popular series from years past, each with a small watermark and different rarities to distinguish a Classics collection from an original. Our first re-release, My Wondrous Travels (U), is an special, unlimited reprint of Tyrone Webb’s original limited-edition series of fine spray paint art released May 28, 2015. NeonMob worked closely with Tyrone to realize his vision of re-releasing his first series and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

So how does a series become a Classic? We will only be considering a very small percentage of past series for Classics status and each decision will be made independently based on a number of factors. But, as I mentioned above, this is a trial run to see if this is something the collecting community might want to see in the future. So give us your feedback! Comment below and tell us what you think … should we reach out to more artists for future Classics releases? Any suggestions for series you would like to see get a Classics re-release? Thanks in advance for your constructive feedback.

We have many more promotions in the works, but for now get traveling … My Wondrous Travels (U) is only available through April 30!


Promo code valid through March 4, 2018:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

(Mémoire de l'étoile de nuit) #3

I love this idea! No only does it give collectors, who never had a chance due to being a newer player, to collect the classic series but its also a homage to the first artists on the site.

(Varactyls) #4

I have mixed feelings about second editions. But if they’re clearly marked as this one is, I guess all is good. My first request would be Biotop from Polygonia, followed by Breeds of Cats.

Thanks Neonmob ! :slight_smile:

(Varactyls) #5

Just to be clear - it looks like these 2nd editions will have the same cards but with different distributions than the original sets? In this case, the original had 15/10/8/6/5 base + 1 chase. The unlimited edition has 9/8/8/5/5 base with 10 chases.

So for Biotop, which had 100 Variants + 5 Chases - we could end up with 150 chases - LOL.

(Vossk) #6

Amazing idea!
I’ll love to see more Classic Series re-released!
Also, I hope the unlimited print count will make those legendary one-off chases finally available for everyone.

My first request would be the set on the homepage of Neonmob (when you are not signed in) that looks like tarot cards. The card it’s called “Fortune", but I don’t know the name of the series. I totally missed that set, and when I realized it existed, it was gone forever.


(JB) #7


(johnpgranados) #8

Great idea. I joined the game when many series I wanted were either out of print or low on packs already, so I’ll be very happy to have the chance to get them all this time.

(JB) #9

I’d be interested in seeing sets come back as they were originally as far as rarities go, especially with the variants many had.

I expect The Orphanage would be another popular choice for a comeback

(Vossk) #10

Thanks! @silvermelowldy

(Jim Todd) #11

Can you please consider re-introducing “Without Details” series?

(Loimprevisto) #12

I bet a NeonMob Classic version of Untranslatable Words would be very popular!

And I’m not sure if a reprint of Without Details would be acceptable, considering the stricter fanart rules… but I’d second that request!

(Qazyn) #13

Absolutely yes please on Untranslatable Words. It’s nigh-impossible to find prints of that available for trade.

(GreenSpleen) #14

Such a clever compromise! Great job Neonmob team, this was a wonderful way to incorporate older beloved series that were harder to complete.

(Habanero) #15

Have there been any other NeonMob Classic sets released?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #16

Not yet but we are looking to do at least one more Classics release this year. We will make an announcement prior to any additional re-releases. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

(Quasarcat) #17

Yes! I saw this was suggested somewhere else on the forums a while ago and you guys implemented it! Even though I wasn’t able to support the first one of these due to being away, I love that the idea was carried out. Man, if we can get Lost Realms or Biotop from Polygonia back that would just be… so good and nostalgic. Art Snacks too… Those were going around when I first joined and I’d thought Lost Realms would never run out haha.