Wrong time of series completing

(7nik) #1

Just completed series and the site says it took 0s

But I like the result of it.


Also, looks like the time of completing in the milestones is incorrect (or at least weird) for some series. For the following series, the time is in times bigger then period during which the series was available. But I completed them by opening packs.

Though, if I remember right, I traded out some singles from these series and then got them back.

P.S.: Why I have nothing here, although I have all the cards and never trade them?

New Milestone Oddness
(Lonelee) #2

The last question is easy: you get all cards of the welcome series directly at start = 0s collection time. And you never opened a pack = makes no sense to get milestones for it.

(7nik) #3

But icons from common to ER and base are blank that means there are appropriate milestones while the chase, variant, and legendary ones - grey = no milestones.

(JB) #4

@lonelee, I have all the milestones for it, as when I joined those were the first packs I opened in the intro. And you should have them if you own the cards. Only the 0s time collected makes sense.

(Sima Seal4) #5

Huh, I seem to have the same thing with a different series.

(Lonelee) #6

Youre really fast​:grimacing::+1:

(Mckayrulez) #7

This issue doesn’t bother me, but just for another example: