Would you like a NeonMob Subscription?

I wanted to throw something out there: How would you feel about an optional subscription service where a monthly fee would offer collector perks? What would make you want to sign up for a NeonMob subscription? Is there anything you think should be out of bounds / off limits as a perk?

I am purposefully leaving these questions open ended so as to not influence responses, but please note that any possible subscription option we may institute will NOT diminish the opportunities of free-to-play collectors.

Constructive feedback always appreciated :slight_smile:


Joe @ NeonMob

One specific example: what about early access to series with special pack tiers that only subscribers can open? Not taking away from free-to-play opportunities, but adding opportunities for subscribers? Thoughts?

Well, here I see a problem of the timeframe new series are published being pacific time related (somehow). Yes there is a window of about 7-8 hours, but with a 24h day and different timezones, such a subscription seems to be an only advantage for those “awake” in that window of 7-8 hours. (in my personal example, I usually am only awake in the first 3 hours (approx) of this pacific time window.
Again, only for those players where the numbering of the card is important. If you don’t care about numbers, well, you don’t need such a subscription. If you care about numbers, you better are awake in the timeframe and could use that subscription.

Other question: when is a player a subscriber? Will there be a minimum of months? Or could you “subsribe” just for one month because a series you really like has been announced for that month? (AKA subscription can be canceled monthly).

I’m generally opposed to subscription models in apps. They always start out reasonably, and then… well, you know, kind of like the number of chases that are increasing in recent sets while the odds make it harder to pull. Same thing always seems to happen with subscription fees and content.