Why only one account?

(Kxwleixk) #1

i dont get it

(Parttime Neonmob detective) #2

If you have more than one account you can tade between accounts.
This wouldn’t be fair against the users with only one account and defeat the point of trading.
(Speculation: bot groups could be setup to give one person a gigantic amount of cards.)

(Erik Karlsson) #3

every account gets 10 freebies a day.

with 2 accounts, one person could receive 20 freebies a day and therefor depleting Limited Edition series with doubled the speed if everyone had 2 accounts, this is really unfair for people with only one and therefor it’s a rule.

(Astroasis) #4

Yes, it’s for the reasons @vortexsomething said.

Each player is limited to ten free packs per day. A person using multiple accounts receives ten free packs per account - which is unfair to all players who are limited to only ten.

In addition, there is a limit on the free packs of each set that a player can open per day. This guarantees that free packs last long enough for everyone to get their hands on some. However, if a set is limited to 2 free packs per day per person… a cheater with 3 accounts is able to collect SIX of those free packs per day. This is, again, unfair to people who play by the rules and are only allowed 2 packs per day.

People with multiple accounts generate a lot of free cards for themselves in very little time (especially compared to legit players). This also gives them a leg up in trading - as they end up with far more rare, sought-after cards and a lot more dupes to trade.

NeonMob packs aren’t an unlimited resource. They’re a limited commodity, which means each illegally gained pack a cheater gets is literally taking a pack out of circulation that should go to a legitimate player.