Why can I not create varient cards?

(Yellowdash34) #1

I’m coming back to Neonmob after a break and I decided to create a series. I noticed the variant category was removed. Why? I still see old variant cards in my inventory but I guess that no new ones can be made?

One more question, since variants have been removed, what rarity should I put my variants at?

(JB) #2

Since they implemented new infinite sets, there are no more variants.
Only the old sets that still have them are where you’ll see them.

As for yours, I’ve seen some include them in the chases (like avatars), but you could make them the same level as the final piece.

Good luck

(Dorothee Rudolph) #3

What @silvermelowldy said. Though, if you have many cards that you wanted to use as variants, I maybe wouldn’t use them all as chase cards. Too many chases in a series could discourage collectors from trying to collect the full series.

(22lava44) #4

agree I had this issue with my series but the changes were implemented as I submitted it as well but I opted to just add them as regular rares,commons,etc.