Who else loves the new change!?

(dave d) #42

Care to put some hard numbers to back your claim? Tell us how much money and traffic NM lost, exactly.

(Kararedwing) #43

There is a thread somewhere with some analytics data showing that Neonmob suffered from the infamous August Update, though I cannot find that specific thread atm. We do know that creators were complaining about lack of sales post update, and since pack sales is the only way Nenmob makes money… well. Example below:

That was in October. We haven’t heard much since, but many of the creators and would-be creators (thumbs to self) bailed on making series, especially since the royalties were dropped to 30%, which was a problem in and of itself. I’m not sure how many people from the old days can comment still on how that update has continued to affect sales in the recent months.

For more hard core numbers:

From September 2016, not sure where the numbers are from

The more recent data is somewhat more damning if you look at the graph:

Again, I don’t know how the aggregate sales have changed, but when you combine the loss in traffic, users leaving the site and the claims from pre-update creators about the abyssal sales, it does not look good.

I’m pondering @marquaaaa’s line of thinking that Neonmob is looking to inflate their traffic values to sell and run. New ownership could do this site a lot of good or else finally kill it dead in any case. :confused:

(Who8mypnuts) #44

I can tell you that I’ve only sold 2 card sets since October. Not worth my time nor energy to create new series even though I had a list of 7 potentials that I wanted to explore.

(Nicodeamus) #45

This might be the one? NM’s traffic rank had decreased 48% (over a 3 month period) by October which is shown pretty clearly on your graph. There were an estimated 146k users at that time and now 108k, idk how many there were before August unfortunately. Source: http://www.statshow.com/www/neonmob.com same site that was used in that post.

(Hellivioze) #46

All traffic sites have showed NeonMobs decrease and it was no secret at least in the facebook group that traffic had significantly decreased. Which is a bit ironic because the huge august 2016 update was supposed to make the site a bit more sustainable in earnings. Oh how they must be kicking themselves after what they have done.

(Kararedwing) #47

That was just the post I was thinking about. Thanks!

(GreenSpleen) #48

They notified me of the changes but it wasn’t through Facebook.

(Alieleaador) #49

I just log in again after a month and when I log in I received a message,

For me notifying me or not it’s not bad because I will see it and I’m here to enjoy collecting…
About the packs I think it’s not bad because yeah log in once a day you will get 6pack only but if you really want a set, it’s good because shorter time to wait…

I collect free packs so it’s a big help for me, I’m not always online so at least log in and get a pack more than 1 is most good

(Quasarcat) #50

Wait, the whole Neonmob system is now running on unlimited prints? I thought it was something specific to certain series since there are still some series with limited prints… Things really have changed since the last time I was here.

And I have to agree, when I saw (with zero context, mind you) there were unlimited prints and only a time limit—there’s no rush, and I found them less valuable because of it. I doubt I’d trade an extremely rare of an unlimited series for an extremely rare of a limited one.

(Nicodeamus) #51

You definitely don’t see people trading limited to unlimited like there is no rarity difference, at least not until the series is over and has a final count. I like the increased accessibility. It was a bit wonky how fast popular series ran out before, especially when there were purchase options…which poofed with the card availability. If they are popular, they should have purchase options for at least a decent amount of time. Now visitors have 6 months to acknowledge and respond to a great series before it disappears on them, and they don’t have it pulled out from under their feet when it runs out of packs unexpectedly. Unfortunately I think this system only has tension when there are many popular series.
If I could change anything at this point it would be how easy it is to pull Ex./Very Rares. But if I had to pull any more cards per series I’d just accidentally pull all the Chases too (especially when there are only 2).

EDIT: I lied, I would also change how Chase counts are determined. Or at least limit how many Chases you can put in a series. Personal preference though

(Mbannist) #52

or 12 if they are offering 24 a day

(Loimprevisto) #53

Older sets released before the change still have limited print counts, but all new sets use the unlimited system.

(Naud van Dalen) #54

I never spent any money on NeonMob, yet I have completed many new sets because I can just keep opening them every day for 6 months if I really have to or trade for the last few remaining cards. It’s a horrible sales strategy. People have 6 months to open free packs in which most people finish the set and afterwards it’s sold out instead of still being able to buy packs. It would make sense if you could still buy packs after the free packs ran out. As long as there are free packs, most people won’t buy packs. And when there are no free packs anymore, the paid packs are also gone… Maybe free packs for 3 months and paid packs for 9 months after that.

(Quasarcat) #55

I agree 100%. Back when Biotop was still available I just barely made it in time to collect the core series when I thought I still had plenty of time to collect prints. I was even hoping to get all the special cards! Yeah, that didn’t happen.