What Happened to The Amateur Series Section in The Discover Feed?

Recently I had been looking through the Discover feed as I was looking for new series to collect and saw that an amateur series was under “newest series”, and there was no separate section for amateur series. There is also no filter to look for amateur series. I love amateur series as I can support newer creators trying to get the hang of creating for NeonMob. Any reason it was removed? Also, are there any plans to bring it back or add a filter for it? I’d love to know

tl;dr: now the amateur series are in the Newest Series section, also new requirements for amateur series reduced monthly amount of published amateur series.

Thank you for the clarification. I hope that they add a filter for it eventually so they’re a bit easier to find since I love to collect amateur series

We release at most only 2-4 amateur series in a month, the low volume of releases in this section does not warrant it’s own category which is why it was consolidated. - Joe @ NeonMob