What determines the number of free packs in a series?

(Candypiggy) #1

I have created 3 series in Neonmob so far, 2 of them consists of 50+ cards, and 1 consists of 30+ cards.
I found that all of my series offer 3 free packs per day regardless of their 20+ amount difference.
If I may know, what determines the number of free packs (between 2 or 3) available per day in a series?
Does it have to do with the amount of cards in a series or something else?

Sorry if this has been asked in another forum/tag before.
Thankyou! ^^

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

At the moment, all series released offer 3 free packs daily regardless of card count. This is under review as we hope to offer greater control to artists in how their series are presented in a future update. - Joe @ NeonMob