What artists would you like to see on NeonMob? Post them here!

(Todd Espiritu Santo) #21

Keke would be pretty cool, i like the style a lot :smile:

Here’s another guy that practically has a series ready:

(Whitney Ricketts) #22

Fantastic suggestions!

(Julie Nisbet) #23

I dream of a Shepard Fairey series…

(JB) #24

Now this is a Pokémon set I’d love to see.
Cryptid Pokémon (By Piper Thibodeau)


(D351) #25

Kiki Dondzilla would be pretty cool.

(Whitney Ricketts) #26

Great ideas!!

(D351) #27

Another one: Hannah Holloway. She did the art for the new Welcome to Night Vale tarot deck I’m waiting for.



(Whitney Ricketts) #29

Fantastic suggestions, you guys! I’ve reached out to all of the artists you’ve posted here — keep 'em coming! And thank you so much for helping me do my job. :slight_smile:

(Shazbot) #30

Not a particular artist but i’d like to see rare pepes in here, a collection composed only by the rarest pepes of the interwebs


I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but I’m for it.

(Astroasis) #32

I have SO many suggestions, but it will only let me put in 5 links lol

Wendy Chew
Darko Djordjevic
Jacqueline Moliner

I’ll see if I can post some more in another comment :smile:

(Astroasis) #33

Trying to add some more…

Jonas Jodicke
Oskar Vega
Zoe Stanley
Kei Phillips

(Astroasis) #34

Okay, last few:

Scarlett Aimpyh
Ksenia Svincova
Miss Kika

Oh my goodness gracious, I think I’m done now lol :smile:

(Whitney Ricketts) #35

These are so great! Thank you. Will reach out to your suggestions this week.


Ester Roi http://esterroi.com/

(stilldeniel) #37

Not entirely sure if any of these artists aren’t really on here but these are the ones I’d really like to see:

Benjamin Lacombe - www.benjaminlacombe.com/home_e.html
Ania Tomicka - www.aniatomicka.com/
Brett Helquist - www.bretthelquist.com/
and Alice X. Zhang - www.alicexz.com/

I’m pretty sure there are more but so far these are my favorites :blush:
Thank you!

(Inkandberry) #38

I’d love it if Noelle Stevenson did a series. She’s the creator of Nimona and co-creator of the Lumberjanes comic. She also did modern drawings of Lord of the Rings on her tumblr.

@gingerhaze on twitter

(Whitney Ricketts) #39

Fantastic suggestion! Love her work.

(Verne Ahyong) #40


I would love to see works by Cebu-based art and design studio Happy Garaje on NeonMob!

Filipino fantasy artist Arnold Arre is all kinds of amazing.

Here are more recommendations: