What artists would you like to see on NeonMob? Post them here!

(Mike) #1

I personally would love to see Buff Monster! http://buffmonster.com/


I’d like to see:

Angelique Shelley: https://www.artstation.com/artist/angeliqueshelley
AsieyBarbie: http://asieybarbie.tumblr.com/

(Whitney Ricketts) #3

I’d like to see Stacey Rozich: http://www.staceyrozich.com/
Jeremy Fish: http://sillypinkbunnies.com/
eBoy: hello.eboy.com/eboy/
Allie Brosh: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/
Shawna X: http://work.shawna-x.com/
… The list goes on and on and on and on.

(Todd Espiritu Santo) #4

Craig Mullins https://www.pinterest.com/amarinn/art-by-craig-mullins/ (his main site seems to be down at the moment)
He pretty much invented digital paintings and was Wacom’s flag ship artist demoing their new pressure sensitive tablet technology.

Kevin Dart http://kevindart.tumblr.com

And many more!

(Liv) #5

Definitely NanoMortis! http://nanomortis.deviantart.com/

(Todd Espiritu Santo) #6

I’m loving this list :smiley:


So many amazing recommendations! :slight_smile: Is there any chance that NeonMob might contact some of these artists, and invite them to create a set?

I’d like to recommend Sandra Wong. My father took us to a few of her exhibits when she was first something of an up-and-comer, and we have quite a few of her paintings adorning our family home–including an abstract portrait of my sister and I, which my dad commissioned when we were kids! I would love to see a set of her owls, or of her native birds, on NeonMob–I think they would work pretty well :slight_smile:

You can find her fb page, with a whole lot of her art, here.


I want Banksy or Jeff Koons


Here’s another I just found that is really cool: http://www.juliedillonart.com/


Wow, that’s incredible!


Oh, I’d also love to see some from Cornacchia!

(Whitney Ricketts) #12

Yup, I’m adding each and every one of these artists to my outreach list!



(Nick Barrett) #14

I want to see Martin Schwartz and David Lanham!


Oh wow, I have so many David Lanham stickers on facebook–I use them all the time! I’ve always wondered who the artist was :slight_smile: His art is so sweet and colourful and happy!

(Nick Barrett) #16

It’s funny. I suggested him on twitter to Chris (former NeonMob team member) back in 2013. Both sounded like they were going to do it… I know David created an account… But still no luck. :disappointed: I love all of David’s work.


I wonder what happened? David’s work looks perfect for NeonMob!

(Whitney Ricketts) #18

I’ll reach out and reconnect with him and see if I can restart the conversation!

(Nuri Abdur-Rauf) #19

ditto on aiseybarbie!

(gugustiuc) #20

Gyimah Gariba
Anthony Holden