Website Won't Load

(Arcanamoon) #1

Ever since I downloaded the NeonMob app, the website hasn’t been loading for me. I can login and open packs just fine on the app, but when I try to do pretty much anything on the website, nothing happens. I either get caught on the home loading screen or blank pages pop up. Is it because my I logged in on the app that the website is now unusable? Can I not use my account between devices?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

What are the specs on the device you are using to access web? Computer type (model, year, processor, etc.), web browser (confirm you use Chrome), and anything else that you might think is relevant. Sign up via the app doesn’t affect access on web or vice versa … you should be able to access your account either way. Shouldn’t be an issue with your browser either as I use Chrome on the site all day.

Hit me up at and I will help you get to the bottom of the issue.


Joe @ NeonMob

(Arcanamoon) #3

I am using an HP Dell desktop computer (2009m). I do have Flash activated for the website and Chrome is my main browser. Any updates that have come around have been successfully installed and everything else seems to be working fine with the computer. I do have a stable wifi connection and the whole infinite loading screen thing does happen now on every tab of the website (for a while I was able to get the home screen to load but nothing else).

Edit - I can sign in and access everything just fine from a Chrome incognito window. Very strange that I can’t do anything from regular Chrome.

(Sima Seal4) #4

I have pretty much the same problem. Eventually it goes to “Application Error”
However, in my case, incognito does not work for me either.
Any fixes for this?