Web/iOS Updates and a Valentine's Day Gift

(Shawn) #1

Hi all,

We will be updating web with new functionality this evening and iOS later this week.


  • The collect page now includes a series finder view with the ability to sort/filter all available series to help prioritize collecting
  • Performance on the collect and home pages have been improved
  • Users should no longer receive a “unable to load profile” message while loading the home page
  • Additional performance issues addressed


  • Performance improvements on the collect and collection screens
  • Force update added as a requirement for the next iOS publish (in-app messaging)

@vagrantscout will be happy to provide info and answer questions related to tonight’s update. Additionally, we are working on revising the help FAQ to include details on recent updates.

And be sure not to miss our Valentine’s Day special gifts! In addition to discounted credits, special Valentine’s day packs with crazy good odds will be available for all unlimited sets. The credit discount and special packs will be available for one day only, so be sure to check in on the 14th!

(Eiriee) #2

Is this also where the change from some sets from “fixed print” to “fixed time” has come from?

I just went to check some series and noticed that some that were e.g. 80% packs collected yesterday are now Out Of Print, and others have changed to times (i.e. Daydreams now says “Going out of print Nov 3 2026” - will it really be in print for the next 8 years?).

(Cloud9) #3

three different fixed print sets that I collect have “suspiciously” gone out of print. 2 of which have no-owner cards that I had been pursuing for months and months. I am pretty upset.

(Varactyls) #4

same here…sets are out of print that should still have lots of cards remaining. and my recent set list is showing all sets, not just recents.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #5

@vagrantscout: Regarding the website, I would love to get another option added to the collect filter menu box on the right (the one with ‚a-z‘, ‚release date‘, etc). Could you also please add the filter option ‚packs opened‘ to that box? With that added filter option I would be able to get the collecting series overview that I have gotten accustomed to. I open packs of old limited and new unlimited series and since today I have to sort and sort again to get to the series I want to open packs from. With my suggested added filter option, I could choose ‚recent series‘ in the left filter menu and then ‚opened packs‘ in the filter menu on the right and would be able to quickly get to the various old and new series, that I have opened packs from recently.

Regarding the Valentine‘s Day specials, I‘d love to know, which time zone applies to those special packs. I‘m personally located in Central Europe and on my account a new NM day starts at 11 pm (at that time I can open new free packs again of series). Will this be the relevant time for me for the special packs? Or will the Valentine Day for all users begin, when it‘s midnight at the NM headquarters?
It also would be great, if the website could somehow remember the filter setting, though hat would be the icing on the cake.

(Shawn) #6

Hi all,

The team is working on a hot-fix to deploy shortly. The update unintentionally discontinued some older limited series. These will be available again after the fix.

As for limited series with a discontinue date (e.g., 2026), our system now requires an artificial discontinue date. This is necessary to sort both limited and unlimited sets by discontinue date, as well as for future updates. We chose a date far in the future for limited sets, but these should never go out of print until 100% sold out.

(Cloud9) #7

phew! good to know! thanks Shawn!

(Eiriee) #8

So limited sets will have both a finite number of packs and an (artificial) discontinue date? i.e. it will say something like “88% packs sold, Out Of Print August 2018” but we are to ignore the Out Of Print date?

EDIT: The hotfix seems to be in place now; thanks!

(Shawn) #9

@dorotheerudolph We plan to streamline filters across the site once trade filters are complete. DM @vagrantscout to take note of this. It shouldn’t be a problem to add. Saving filter settings will be noted, as well.

As for the V-day special, it will run for more than a calendar day to accommodate collectors in any region.

(Loimprevisto) #10

I love the performance tweaks, but the order that recent packs are displayed in has been shuffled. The neonmob.com/collect/recent page no longer shows packs in the order they were most recently opened… I’m not sure what order it is actually using.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #11

Thanks to @NeonShawn for the quick responses … Happy to help with any additional needs as well :slight_smile: - Joe @ NeonMob

(Joe @ NeonMob) #12

UPDATE: The Valentine’s Day credit discount and special packs are coming tonight 2/13 (Pacific) … get 100 credit packs for 50% off on web!

(Dorothee Rudolph) #13

Too bad, that the offer is only available on the web, not in the iPad app. I won‘t link my credit card to NM, but on the iPad, I can buy iTunes gift cards to pay…

(Cloud9) #14

uh oh - I think the credits special and the valentine packs was a great idea. Bought some packs and started redeeming them for valentine packs - supposed to be “better than Rare” cars, but just got 2 Uncommons and a Common. I got higher cards in other packs, but hesitate to buy more now.

(Eiriee) #15

I did wonder about that - got a couple of commons/uncommons in the Valetine’s Day packs. I wondered if “better odds” just meant in reference to the Chases?

(Shawn) #16

There are 3 cards instead of 2 in the Diamond pack. Overall, your chances of getting a chase and/or extremely rare card are higher than Diamond (especially if you consider the cost difference between the two), but it is possible to get common and uncommon cards.

(Cloud9) #17

maybe it shouldn’t say rares or better in description then?

(Varactyls) #18

Hi, Just wondering if anyone is looking into the sorting issue? On https://www.neonmob.com/collect/recent, it seems to be selecting anything I ever opened, then the sorting by release date or whatever. What I would love to see is an option to sort by most-recent-pack-opened-date. That way, sets I’m currently working on show up at the top. Thanks!