Web Feature Update 3/7/18

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

We did some heavy duty maintenance overnight yesterday to bring you some updated features to the NeonMob website. Here is a list of the new stuff:

  • Owners/Seekers window now has sorting toggles for Trader Grade, Series Completion, etc.

  • Clicking on any user’s Progress Dial will bring up that user’s progress by rarity

  • You can now search for a specific collector

  • If you add a specific card to your wishlist, you will appear higher in the seekers list

  • A Wishlist cards toggle has been added to the Trade window. Using this toggle will filter only those cards that either you or your trade partner have wishlisted. (Quick tip: if you want to see all cards on your trade partner’s wishlist that you may have, de-select the specific series by selecting “Choose Any Series” instead.)

  • The algorithm has been changed to promote active collectors to the top of the owners/seekers lists (both web and iOS)

More to come as we work to build a better NeonMob!

(Nick Barrett) #2

So many great new needed features! Keep up the great work!

(Iboo) #3

These features are so good!
I was wondering if it could be made so that you can use more than one toggle at once though. Currently, it’s not automatically sorting by the number of owned duplicates, which should really be permanently sorted so that people with duplicates are at the top. Then when you try to sort by trader grade as well it mixes duplicates with singles which is not so great.