Web and iOS Update Released! - June 2018

(Shawn) #1

Hi all,

The development team has been hard at work, and the first phase of new features and updates has been deployed! Details will be added to the FAQ, but for now, here is a brief description of what has changed:

Pack Tier Update: Pack tiers have been revised to allow for a greater variety of options. In addition to freebies and purchasing packs with credits, you can now purchase packs with points. For unlimited sets, there are three types of packs:

  • Replenishing packs: A limited number of packs available per day. Once all have been claimed, more will be available the following day. This is currently how the Base pack works.
  • Unlimited packs: An unlimited number of packs available with no restrictions until the set is discontinued. This is currently how the Ruby and Diamond credit packs work.
  • Limited packs: Packs with a set number available to all users - first come, first serve. Once all packs are gone, they will not replenish.
  • Bonus packs: Special packs available on occasion, with a limited number each collector can claim per series.
  • Note: Packs for older limited edition sets have not been changed.

In addition to the existing pack tiers, one new pack tier will be available and can be purchased for 10,000 points and has a limit of one per day per series. More pack tiers will be announced in coming weeks.

Pack Odds: Pack tiers will now display the odds of containing each rarity. The number of packs remaining is displayed here, as well.

Milestone Progress Gems: On the pack selection screen, you now can see progress towards achieving milestones and completing the selected set. Combined with pack odds, this can act as a quick tool to help decide on which pack to open or if attempting a trade may make more sense.

Series Completion Info: Upon completing a set, new information will be displayed. In this publish, this info will only be displayed at the time of set completion. Leaderboards will be added where you can view your own ranks and times, as well as other collectors’ in a future publish.

  • Rank: Are you the first to complete this set? Did you complete it before your friends? Now you will know where you rank on each set you complete.
  • Time: How long did it take you to complete the set? The duration is calculated from the time you received your first card of the set (through pack opening or trading) to when you completed it.
  • Note: Only base cards are counted for set completion. Chase and variants aren’t included, as some sets have very few of these cards.

Series in Common Filter: A new filter has been added to the trade window. When selected, only cards from sets both you and your trade partner are collecting will be displayed.

Messaging on iOS: Direct messaging has been added to iOS. Messages sent from the iOS app will be received on both iOS and web.

Misc. Updates:
The iOS app has been optimized for iPhone X
Trade partner logic has been adjusted

Happy collecting!

(Bowsercookies) #2


I can barely see the cards when I open a pack. -___-

(Astroasis) #3

Hey! Loving the changes - especially the “series in common” button. SO helpful.

However, since the changes were implemented, sets are no longer leaving my lists when they’re purged. They’re still showing up on my collection pages, in trade windows - and in the “series in common” when browsing another user’s cards.

Also, my Mom is on a netbook and is experiencing the same thing bowsercookies said. The cards are scaled down significantly on her smaller screen, and she doesn’t like it.

I’ve been off the site for awhile, and also want to say that you guys have made some amazing changes since I left 2 years ago - and I’ve been having a lot of fun here once again.

(Alex Dayz) #4

I like this update. It’s going to take a while to use to since I’m so use to the older system. One problem I have is that when I use the filters for incomplete and available only two series come up when in the old system a lot more showed up. Does the new filter only count the base set as a complete series?

(Bunnypoppop) #5

Update is great, I do feel the pack screen a little busy now, maybe a tad too much? Maybe have a button to hide the top Milestones so you only see the packs in the centre would be a good move. However, I can no longer see how many free packs I have left to open in a series on the screen.

(Shawn) #6

There are several known issues the team is working on, and a patch will be announced when they get a bit further along. Among those issues:

  • Milestone gems occupying significant a significant portion of the screen on smaller devices will be addressed. As many collectors use mobile devices to access NM, modifying this is a top priority. This directly affects card scaling, so both issues will be addressed.
  • Purged sets (sets that we’re once owned but since have been 100% discarded) will be removed from your collection.
  • @alexdayz You’re the first to report this. It currently qualifies “complete” as base set only, which may not have been the case before. We will look into this.
  • The change to free packs was intentional. “1 Freebie” indicates the pack costs a single freebie. The quantity remaining for that series can be viewed with the odds for that pack. Once all freebies for that series have been used, the “Open Pack” button becomes disabled and reads “Replenishing”. The reason for this change being additional freebie packs may be introduced in the future - and potentially double packs consuming more than one freebie.

(Nick Barrett) #7

Very very minor bug

The new Milestones are being stretched. They are 158 x 128 but seem to be using the old Milestones size of 160 x 160.

here is what 160 x 160 looks like

Here is what 158 x 128 looks like

Or you can add some transparent padding around the icons to equal 160 x 160

(Bunnypoppop) #8

Sorry what I meant was how many free packs I can open in that series on that day, as it used to say “3 packs” before so I knew how many I can open before I have to wait for it to replenish.

(Bunnypoppop) #9

Also when trading in cards for points, I think it’d be a good idea to add a ‘Trade All but One’ button for both a single card and an entire series, as a fast way to sell all of my old doubles rather than going through each card one by one!

(Astroasis) #10

Hi there… Reporting another bug!

Milestones are no longer showing up as Alerts - and when a trade is completed that results in a milestone, that “so-and-so accepted your trade” alert is also missing.

It’s possible that random trade alerts are being dropped and it just seems like a correlation to me - but in either event, I’m definitely not receiving all of my trade alerts.