Way to report stolen art

(Bcctorres) #1

I’ve messaged the admin about this possible art theft a couple of months ago and was told that corrective measures were being made, however the series is still available to this day.

Zaid Laith’s series, Animals, is very reminiscent of Kerby Rosanes’ “Geometric Beasts” drawings on his blog, Sketchy Stories. To illustrate,

This card, Snake, looks like a digital trace of Rosanes’ work,

Notice how the geometric shapes are completely identical. These similarities are also evident in other cards in this series.

Thought I’d let this be heard in the community and remind people that, although being inspired by a piece of artwork is okay, tracing the said artwork and saying that it’s yours is not.

And as a site suggestion: maybe have a report button on series/card pages so that unoriginal art can be flagged for review?

(JB) #2

Where I do see similarities in the bottom half, in the work on neon, they have real animal pictures and not sketches at the top. So while I agree it is very close, and in some disturbingly close, I wonder if the replacement of the animal sketch made it transformative enough to be considered “new” work.


Gotta say I like the pen sketches much better, but that would be pretty depressing if it is determined this is stolen.
Makes me concerned about the artist’s other sets too, but I would like to reserve judgement until an admin chimes in here.

@sierra can you share any updates on this?

(Sherri Keller) #3

I’ve reported this set many months back, too.

I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt in some cases—geometric shapes on animal forms isn’t an idea exclusive to either of these two artists—but when you look at the placement of the loose chunks, they’re almost identical. No way this set wasn’t plagiarized.

(Sherri Keller) #4


(Bilsky) #5

It’s disturbingly clear that the original works are being used as a basis for these pieces, However, I do think they are JUST balancing the line between theft and derivatives.The artist Should definitely have his works more closely vetted.

(Hellivioze) #6

Has anyone notified the original artist?

(Hellivioze) #7

Also, NeonMob has changed their stance on copyrighted work and licensed material many times that I don’t even know what the current stance is

(Sherri Keller) #8

I hadn’t notified the artist yet, because I was waiting for NeonMob to do the right thing here, but I ended up forgetting about it.

(Lisaa) #9

It’s more than just an interpretation when it’s copied line by line. It’s pretty much just digital versions of the drawings. If the original artist was credited I would probably have been way more ok with it, but there is nothing at all.
I’ve collected quite a few series from this creator, including this, so it makes me really dissapointed to see this.

(Sierra) #10

I’m sorry, but I never saw any message about this previously. Is Kerby Rosane a creator on NeonMob? I would like to investigate this.

(Sherri Keller) #11

Pretty sure he isn’t.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #12

Doesn’t look like he is. My Google search showed, that he seems to be most active on Instagram (I didn’t check Facebook), so I left him comments on his most recent artwork there. He is on IG as @kerbyrosanes and you’ll also find his website, if you search for his name (his name is Kerby Rosanes by the way).

(Sierra) #13

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #14

You’re welcome! Unfortunately, he is a popular artist and receives many comments on his artworks, so I’m afraid, mine got lost in the crowd. I also sent him an email through the Instagram message system, but received no reaction so far. I guess, he still might not be aware of the use of his art. I haven’t checked his Facebook profile, because I rarely log in there.