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(JB) #82

For people with large collections, people like me, I feel would not be interested in marking every series with their trade priority. And gosh forbid if we had to rank numerically. Just a “no” for me.

We have our bios and we have the ability to wish list prints we are really after. Let’s not add another filter, setting, button, etc. to the already complicated trading matrix we have.

Let’s promote what we already have, and make sure the IOS app can see messages and bios too. I get notes from traders often that say they didn’t see my note, bio etc that has this helpful info. I don’t have an iPhone, so no clue of they just say that or if its true, but that is also a barrier I hit.

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(Sima Seal4) #83

Yeah I agree, ranking numerically would be terrible.

In my opinion, the current trading matrix isn’t very hard to get around. The hardest things are figuring out if they Do Cross-Series and what they consider a fair trade. And I think the general consensus around fair traids is 2 for 1 up to ER and after that Chase for Chase, sometimes Chase for 2 ER, Variant for Variant, and sometimes Variants for two lower rarities.

But if you feel this way/don’t want priority buttons then you could either

1.Add only pop up bios that could be toggled by the creator of the bio and/or

  1. Make having priority series buttons only an option, meaning you could disable it in your account settings.

Well, I don’t see why not. Even if you had an especially big collection, a lot of those would be completed, and any series you are collecting shouldn’t take too long to prioritize.

If you use payed packs(which I think you do) you could have a lot of series. But I doubt anyone right now is collecting more than 50 series, and that could be easily sorted into priority and super priority.

I, for example have my own sort of priority system, although it’s a different kind. I made a schedule through bookmarks that tell me which packs to open first. Although it isn’t a trading priority thing, it shouldn’t be too different.

I’m not sure about the app, but on the website on IOS you can see messages/bios. It’s just that most people don’t bother to look at them, and I’m forgetful so I do too.

I have way to much free time so I write this essay lol.

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(Peopleschampion) #84

You could avoid most of it just by talking first with the person you want to trade to.

(Sima Seal4) #85

True, but that takes a lot of time. Sometimes the other player isn’t on for like 24 hours or more, that gets frustrating.

(Peopleschampion) #86

I’m guessing your problem is crosstrading, that’s why my suggestion was for asking first.

I’m also guessing you’re looking for older sets because newer sets are very easy to get unless they have a 10+chases or a limited release. And the current tools work well most of the time if you’re collecting those.

There’s no consensus in trading older. I usually overpay, chase for a VR, low count card for an ER, etc. Because as you might notice, some sets have only a handful dupe owners. Trading those is a game of patience. I have more than 100 older sets unfinished.

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(Matej Bystricky) #87

Few moments earlier…

Anyways, I kinda like the idea of adding priority to your series. @sima.seal4 is right that not many users pay much attention to bio (me included). We can add cards to wishlist, but wish-listing many cards from a series is not very practical. You can favorite a series, but there’s no way to use that directly within the trading window. Maybe the favorite lists could just be implemented into the trading window and perhaps as a filter, instead of creating a whole new feature for priorities, to keep things simple.

(Sima Seal4) #88

Naw, it’s just that I state in my bio: Series X is priority! And people still insist on sending me some stuff from a series which I have a 99.99% chance guaranteed to finish. Gets pretty annoying. I get all excited that someone send me a trade… and then it’s disappointing.

(Sima Seal4) #89

Ladies and gentlemen…


I could see the favorites feature turn into a “trade with this series” filter, but the problem with that is the fact that you’re gonna want to put some series into favorites for their art, not their trading priority.

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(Matej Bystricky) #90

Oh yeah, that’s true, didn’t thought of that. That would indeed complicate things even more instead of making them simpler, if X users would use it as trading priorities, Y users because they like the series and Z users as both.

How about adding another category to the Favorites tab, so there would be favorite series like it’s now and then something like “Series Wishlist” or something like that.

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(Lonelee) #91

The whole Bio problem would disappear if the wishlist would be usable in app. Currently you have to write a list in Bio only for app users because otherwise they dont know what you seek. But you only see the first Bio line and I am not sure how many tap on it to read the rest… If the wishlist would be creatable in app and usable in trading then the Bio could contain what the name suggests: a bio.:grimacing:

(Sima Seal4) #92

Wishlist does exist on the mobile website/Chrome, but what I’m talking about is wishlisting whole series. You can wishlist cards, and there is a filter for wishlist.

Yeah, that’s the problem I’m trying to fix. Have the bio automatically pop up so no-one has to tap on it.

(Wyando) #93

There is a danger that this becomes annoying and then player will just close that window without reading. Same result.

On the website you have a link to “favourites”, which reveals a page with
Favorite Cards ## Favorite Series ## Wishlist
THAT order is wrong in my eyes, because at first it should show the Wishlist:
Wishlist ## Favorite Series ## Favorite Cards

Even better would be to split that page in “Wishlist” and “Favorite” with a link for each on the profile. Then you could have a Wishlist page with “Cards ## Series” (In THAT order)

And yes, it would be nice to have those lists on the app too. Especially adding cards to your wishlist. Like we can now add series to our favorite.

(BTW, I have only those series on my favorite list as long as I need cards for it. Once I have completed I take them of my favorite list. So, when I am not collecting chases for a specific series, they are not on my fav list. Kind of misusing that feature to show what series I am actively collecting…)

(Lonelee) #94

The idea from Wyando to change the order on the favorites / wishlist page is great! If the wishlist would be first shown then you could even put the link into your bio for the app users.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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(Lena) #95

I recall completing a series once and was told what number person I was that completed it, however I had to be online during that time in order to do so. I completed a series today, however it has not told me how much bonus points were rewarded, what number I was, or any other information. It would be nice to bring that back so even if completion happens from a trade whilst user is offline, that there is a notification to indicate what has been received, and maybe put that under ‘series milestones’, so we are able to see how quickly we were able to complete a series. This could be a setting that users could switch between public and private.

I was really looking forward to seeing this today… only to be greeted by nothing when I finished the series. Would feel much more rewarding to have something in place!

(Sima Seal4) #96

Expansion packs.

What I think this would look like:

When a person submits their series, they will have their Base Series (What we already have now) and if they so choose, they will have an expansion pack. On their submission page, the Expansion will show how many cards will be in the expansion. The Expansion pack will be released at a later date than the first “Base” part.

To gain access to the expansion, you can either get an expansion pass from completing the base series, or you can pay your way in through carats.

Thoughts or alterations?

(Seitler) #97

Expansion packs. […] To gain access to the expansion, you can either get an expansion pass from completing the base series

Ooh, I really like this!

(Visconic) #98

One thing I noticed is that when filtering potential trading partners by series completion it doesn’t take into account special card completion. It just shows the people with 100% core arranged randomly instead of the people with 100% core AND 100% special completion down to 100% core with 0% special completion. For example:


(Carebear1646) #99

I know I have shared this before - but I am just touching back on it because there are so many suggestions… I know there is an automatic email for all emails proposed for a trade but can we create a way to turn off emails for status after that?? it just FLOODS my inbox (no I don’t have gmail to set up an automatic filter and don’t want to really create a fake email just for neonmob but I might have to)

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(Joe @ NeonMob) #100

@carebear1646 Every email system should have a way to filter all emails from @neonmob.com into a separate folder … if you need help with this, just send me a PM and we can figure it out together :slight_smile: - Joe @ NeonMob

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(Sima Seal4) #101

Speaking of those emails, why do they have to be enabled? The link to the page that says why they have to be enabled seems to have broke.