Want a better NeonMob? Tell us how!

(Uther) #62

Hi, I started to collect in neonmob again a few days ago after 2 years, the thing is that every old series that I used to collect it’s incomplete and out of print or with our free packs and I can’t use money. So I would like to have like a reward system, for example after being active for one month you could open any kind of series you want. It sounds like a good idea for me

(Sima Seal4) #63

Some decks have “stats” for fighting. I would like to see some decks marked for fighting(of course they would have to be approved so stuff is not too OP.)
You could:
Make a game with your own rules
Make a game with just health and damage
Bet credits/free packs/cards on games(maybe not, for this would encourage gambling)
I dunno.
This would be hard to set up, though.
@kata love your idea, packs such as Chirp and Daveys TTS(from what i remember) have so many chases it is just ridiculous!

(Sima Seal4) #64

A collective drawing! You could make a collective digital drawing(With people that gain some trust) on neonmob. or a collective pack!
A drawing contest, where you send pictures and people can vote for is best. Credits/Packs/Cards for whomever wins!

(Quasarcat) #65

I was looking for trades and it struck me how not many people seem to be using the wishlist option. I think it should be more prominent, and it would be great to have some kind of wishlist toggle when viewing owned collections that would mark all unowned cards as wishlisted, maybe a separate toggle for chase/special cards since not all people are interested in them. Or maybe there could be a seperate toggle for each individual rarity and a master toggle for an entire collection? It’s easier to un-wishlist a few cards than mark 100+ cards as wishlisted…

I went and wishlisted all the cards I don’t own for Fractal Herbarium V2 and it was somewhat obnoxious, as this is a beefy series. It’s just a Quality of life thing, I’ve been loving the updated trading features so far. :heart:

(Peopleschampion) #66

I tried it for a while and I received unbalanced trades everyday (hard to get old cards>newest cards in sets I whishlisted), so I delist most and I used it only when I need a very small amount of cards to finish. Also, I like to be in control of my dupes, so I rather be the one making the trade.

(Mckayrulez) #67

I wish there was a way to choose whether to see only limited or unlimited cards.

(Katig) #68

I use mainly the app so I don’t know if this is already possible on browser but when trading I would like to be able to select which print number I will trade. For example I offer trade for a card numbered #35 and I have cards #16, #30 and #105. In this case I would like to be able to trade the #30 card because it’s closest to the number of the card that I want. Now I have to automatically offer card #105.

Also wishlist on the app would be great.

(Haze) #69

I primarily use the browser version through Chrome on a mobile device running Android. Less commonly, I also use the browser version through Firefox on a laptop running Windows 10.

On mobile, the card images appear rather small. Especially on the pack-opening screen. I’d like it if tapping the card for more details would - in addition to revealing the card name, artist, flavor text, and rarity as it already does - also increase the size of the card, perhaps detecting screen width and expanding the card size to fit the screen width. Here’s a mockup, showing the next-card-arrow moved up by the flavor text and the card itself displayed at screen-width.

Finally, some comments about the set’s breakdown by rarity shown across the top of the Opening a Pack screen. Please change the icons here to the more-distinctive shapes used on the actual cards and on the filters of the collector’s pages. Please also reduce the screen real-estate this takes up on mobile and/or allow scrolling the page to move this section up and out of view; currently, this is very problematic on mobile with the screen rotated.

(Haze) #70

For trading, I would like some options to be added that leverage the already-existing “duplicates”, “seeking” and “wishlist” statuses. For the purposes of this post, a “duplicate” means any card that a collector owns two or more copies of, “seeking” means any card not owned by a collector who happens to own some number of cards from the set, and “wishlist” means any card a collector has flagged as a “wishlist” card.

When I click on a card I have a duplicate of to offer for trade, ideally I would be immediately presented with not just a list of collectors who are seeking that card (with those who have it on their wishlist sorted first) but that it would show me who, among those collectors, also have duplicates of cards that I am seeking (and those with duplicates of my wishlist cards presented in sortation above all else). This would make cross-set trading significantly easier, and would theoretically make same-set trading easier, too.

For browsing my collection in order to start offering cards for trade, I would like to be able to view my entire collection at once, filtered down to just a specific rarity and duplicates only. I can do this with the current filters collection-by-collection, but it would be much more convenient to view all of my duplicate chase cards at once, without having to switch between the various collections.

(Haze) #71

When viewing the details of a card received from a newly-opened pack, I think I would like to see my updated copies-owned count among those details.

Also on this screen, when viewing the details of a newly-opened card, I think that, rather than being plain-text, the card name should link to the card’s specific page. That would let me view the card in a larger format and, again, would let me see the number owned.

(Lonelee) #72

Hi :wave:
The first idea will most likely take too much time for comparing your prints with each of the listed collectors.
Your second idea is already possible. Just set the series in trade window to „ Choose a series“ and it will display all. On mobile app there is a button „Any series“ for the same function in trade window…:blush:

(Anotherday Anotherchance) #73

One thing that you guys could make to improve the experience in Neonmob is adding a feature to select how many cards do you wanna discard on PC just as you can do in the iPhone app. It’s really frustrating to remove them 1 by 1, last time I removed over 300 cards and took me around 1 hour and half while my gf (who uses the app) took only 20-30 minutes removing almost the same quantity :frowning:

(7nik) #74

About what you are talking?

(Alex Dayz) #75

One thing I’d like is that it filters out users with only one of a card when looking for a specific card. I’ve seen people with a high trade grade and low card count on a series but only had one of the card I needed

(Pizzalion27) #76

These suggestions are for the mobile app as it’s how I play the game

• search feature - for if you are looking for a specific series, or person
• trade series that are out of print
• a way to submit series ideas
• notification for when your free packs are full

Another feature I think would be cool in general is quests, and if you complete a quest, you earn like a set amount of coins as some people aren’t able to buy coins on the game, it would allow those of us who can’t a way to earn coins so that we can open special packs

Also, if there is room in the budget, I think it would be cool if certain series, or like the most popular ones (for example, Mythica’s series) were printed on like real world trading cards

(Dualium) #77

Whenever I complete a core series for a Very Difficult or even Near Impossible card set and see my point counter increase by the hundreds of thousands, I get excited knowing I’m able to spend those points on extra packs and even the new Elite card pack to complete series faster.

But I can’t help but think how much more my experience could be further enhanced if even more uses for points were implemented, especially a sort of upgrade system. Let me explain.

My idea for an upgrade system involves permanent effects on the mechanics of the website, in exchange for large sums of points (sometimes even 1,000,000+ if the upgrade is especially powerful).

For ease of understanding, I’ll list some upgrade ideas, reasonable (or at least what I think is reasonable) pricings and how they may affect user experience:

  • Increase Free Pack max limit from 6 > 7 > 8 > 9, each upgrade costing somewhere between 250,000 to 500,000 points. This is for the players that may not have as much time as others to visit the website and claim their packs, and lengthens the required visit intervals should a player want to claim as many packs as possible.

  • Decrease interval between each Free Pack recharge, each upgrade costing somewhere between 500,000 to 1,000,000 points. This rewards players that want to push their point counter beyond the elusive Elite packs with faster recharge for free packs, allowing for more free packs to be claimed each day.

  • Apply a permanent discount on Point Packs (Sapphire, Elite) down from 10,000 and 250,000 points in exchange for a hefty sum of points. Comparatively, a player that spends points only on packs will in the short term get more cards for their points, but eventually a player that invests in this upgrade will eventually surpass the pack-only player in total points Vs. total packs gained using the discount (I hope I worded this right), rewarding the upgrade player for their determination.

Some upgrades could be premium and cost credits, especially the more powerful upgrades like the Free Pack interval decrease after enough purchases. This suggestion, while point based, could bring more power to credits as well.

Those are some examples of what could be included in an update involving an upgrade system. Although, I do understand that currently trading features + card rarities + replica series are priority for now, and this upgrade system would have the potential to change the entire card economy for the better or worse, so it is better to work in baby steps and think carefully about this.

It would be really cool and shake up the game in interesting ways as an experience though. I’ve thought about this since last week. Players who would prefer lasting changes over instant chases from Elite packs would have a field day.

(Matej Bystricky) #78

These are some really nice ideas in theory, but I think this would be very bad in the long term from the business model perspective. NeonMob (and creators) earn money from pack sales, so it makes sense to have some restrictions/limits/rules in place that dictate the availability of free packs and “fancy free packs” (packs for points). Making any sorts of purchasable permanent upgrades that modifies those rules is a slippery slope, no matter how expensive these upgrades would be.

With a little dedication and a lot of discarding (especially true for veteran members) you can stack up on points in no time. Then you buy the upgrade and now you can grind even faster to get more upgrades and so on. Soon everyone would be maxed out, with 10+ daily pack limit, 30 minute recharge and Point Packs for half the price.

There would be even less incentive for people to buy credits and support the site and creators and it would break the entire economy of the site.

(Sima Seal4) #79

Although some of the points you bring up are good, some of us need the free pack limit to be increased so we can get our 8 hours of sleep.

The version you’re putting here is very extreme. 30 minute recharge is ridiculous. When reading the previous poster’s post, I was thing of something like 50-55 minutes recharge. Also, points packs for half the price? That’s also a very extreme thing to assume. In my mind you pay 1,000,000 points to get a small discount of 4%. Not OP or anything, but worth it in the long run.

For that let me put up a quote from the other poster:

This does not of course completely avert this from being a bad business model (again, I agree with some of what you’re saying), but with the premium upgrades it might make more money than it loses.

Dramatic but not completely out of the possibilities. But if played right, this could make more money, for creators too.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts on this. Please reply to me, I like to have a good debate, and I’m completely open to any refutation of what I have said. After all, I am not a businessman, and thus do not know how this would turn out if NeonMob DID implement this.

(Matej Bystricky) #80

Oh, well if it would be just a one-time upgrade, then you’re right and I see no problem with that. I was thinking of them like character progression in games, that they would get better each time you buy the upgrade. I think that is how the OP meant it, judging by the description here:

That’s why I was so dramatic with the 30 minute recharge etc.

About the premium upgrades:

Premium upgrades for credits would make money only in the short term, since you would only need to purchase it once and benefit from it forever. This could be solved by some sort of subscription based upgrades, but I don’t know how the community would feel about that (as subscriptions are not very popular in F2P games.)

If it would be just a small one-time deal, then okay I guess, but something more significant should be threaded carefully. I’m no businessman either, but there is a reason everyone nowadays offers continuous subscriptions instead of one-time purchase - more profitable :slight_smile:

(Sima Seal4) #81

Two things:

  1. I put most of my “Prefered for trading” series in my NeonMob bio. People look at bios not very often. Therefore, it would be nice to be able to put series into a “collecting”, “priority” and “super priority” mode and have that turn into buttons in the trading menu. However, the bio could be used for trading preferences like cross series, rarity for rarity, etc. etc. However not many people look at bios. That’s why I’m suggesting…

  2. Pop up bios. Before you hit the trade button with another person, their bio would show up. It would really improve the experience for everyone, when someone is trying to give you some trade you don’t see as fair.