Want a better NeonMob? Tell us how!

(Uther) #62

Hi, I started to collect in neonmob again a few days ago after 2 years, the thing is that every old series that I used to collect it’s incomplete and out of print or with our free packs and I can’t use money. So I would like to have like a reward system, for example after being active for one month you could open any kind of series you want. It sounds like a good idea for me

(Sima Seal4) #63

Some decks have “stats” for fighting. I would like to see some decks marked for fighting(of course they would have to be approved so stuff is not too OP.)
You could:
Make a game with your own rules
Make a game with just health and damage
Bet credits/free packs/cards on games(maybe not, for this would encourage gambling)
I dunno.
This would be hard to set up, though.
@kata love your idea, packs such as Chirp and Daveys TTS(from what i remember) have so many chases it is just ridiculous!

(Sima Seal4) #64

A collective drawing! You could make a collective digital drawing(With people that gain some trust) on neonmob. or a collective pack!
A drawing contest, where you send pictures and people can vote for is best. Credits/Packs/Cards for whomever wins!