Want a better NeonMob? Tell us how!

(Vossk) #21

Also, please bring back the old “You already have this print offered in a trade” warning when trading the same print with more than one user.

(Charliebrown) #22

The trade manager could be improved by allowing you to sort the list of people who own a card. I prefer to trade within a set if possible, but there is no way to eliminate the people who have a full set, who have bad trade history, or don’t have the cards I need.

Also, if you try to create a trade with the 512th person on a list, you are then returned to the top of the list, so you have to scroll back down past 512 names to get back to where you were.

(Darryl) #23

It is better to have “lock/unlock” on our collection, for example if I already finished collecting A series, then I can lock it so it won’t be able to be traded.

People who wants to trade with me can’t see locked sets on the trading pop up, so do I when I want to trade with other people. To make that series able to be traded, we must unlock it first.
This way, we can easily choose the series in trading pop up rather than see A-Z series if the trader have hundred of sets.

(GreenSpleen) #24

Yes I agree 100%. This has been a long time request! Please work your magic, Neonmob!

(JB) #25

Can we have 5 credit packs that have commons, uncommons and rares only?

If we want to support an artist and buy packs for their set, there is no way to complete sets with paid packs only.

I appreciate the higher odds for the paid packs, but right now - it is the uncommon that is acting like the extremely rare and the common the very rare as these are harder to come by these days. If a user wants to buy packs with credits to complete a set - that should be possible.

For example, I bought packs for the newest series by Vlad Sams, and I have all the very rares, extremely rares and chase prints - but I still need commons and uncommons to finish the set - and I have to either trade or pull free packs to get the “easiest” and “lowest level” prints for a set?

tl:dr - give us a discounted way to purchase common and uncommon prints too, like a crystal pack to go with the diamond pack.

(GreenSpleen) #26

Is there a way to make the site more “social?” What I mean by this: Besides being able to comment on a series during a voting process, being able to make friends through NM, and being able to hop on the forums, a way to collaborate with other artists?

Sometimes it can feel like other NMers are shy. A community that’s gonna grow should incorporate features where there are site wide fun competitions and card pack prizes. ~(These are most likely suggestions for the collecting “game” aspect of NM).

(Joe @ NeonMob) #27

These are great suggestions and we are already exploring some community engagement efforts for the future, just might take a bit to fine tune and launch.

(Mckayrulez) #28

How about a report button for when we find cheaters making accounts that funnel cards to them?

It’s kinda unfair as a creator when I see people grabbing several of my series chases and extremely rares and getting them for only a silver and then look at the profile only to see that their doing this with a ton of peoples series… I know we can send an email and I have twice, but for us socially awkward users who get nervous about sending emails to big companies it would make it a lot easier if their was just an onsite button. Ps. Sorry if there already is a button and I’m just dumb. lol If there is can you tell me where?

(matronator) #29

They would first have to stop giving collectors so many free packs, bring back limited series and increase royalty to make professional artists want to create series for NeonMob.

EDIT: Because you can now complete even the biggest series without paying for a single pack, there’s not much motivation for artists to spend much time and energy on a series.
I’m not complaining, for me just that people like my series is enough, but don’t expect to see any pro artists here, not anymore.

(Loimprevisto) #30

The big question with digital collecting cards is: what is the right amount of artificial scarcity? I like the current system, but from a market optimization perspective I think the could maybe tighten the screws a little bit to incentivize buying packs. I like the artists that use this site like they’d use a Deviant Art, pixeljoint, a Facebook page, or Gfxartist and elfwood (before they shut down). It can be a fun way to share/showcase your art and build an audience, and if you happen to make enough money to buy a few cups of coffee from it all the better.

From the collector perspective, I don’t think people buy packs right now because they need to do it to complete the series, they do it to support the site, support the artist, and collect some of the old sets that are still in print but out of free packs. I think they should consider allowing packs to be purchased from the new sets that have expired, even though that would have its own drawbacks. Maybe allow a certain number of packs to be purchased after the 6-month expiration, based on a percent of the packs that were opened while it was free?

(Quasarcat) #31

I said this two years ago, and I’ll say it again now. It would be a great help if during the trading process, you could go down the list of other collectors and when you select one, there’s some kind of button that would sort out collections that you have in common.

In the same sort of vein, being able to apply filters to the list of collectors when trading, like sorting by trader grade, number of prints owned of a print, and collection completion would also be super helpful and efficient. Another helpful filter I think is to sort collectors by the number of duplicates they have in total in a series, similar to how you can view how many total duplicates you have in your own collection. And another thing! There has to be a better way than having to scroll all the way back down to where you were on the collectors list after canceling a trade

I’m against dumping or redistributing inactive collectors’ prints. I mean, I myself have been away from Neonmob for about 2 years, for a number of reasons. I’m happy to be collecting again, now that I’m able to. If I’d returned to find my account deleted or find my collections emptied or gone, you can be sure of me never again participating. It’s basically akin to saying you should have someone’s car or something just because they haven’t used it in ages and you want it more.

As for locking collections, I was going to rant about it, but I suppose messaging is a simple enough way of getting around locked collections. A message asking about a duplicate or special rarity print in a user’s locked collection is probably all it would take.

One last thing, I hadn’t realized that the “You have this print in multiple ongoing trades” message was gone. It would be nice to have that again, along with a trade history of some sort.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #32

We are making changes to the trading system as Shawn outlined here that addresses a number of your points: Building a Better NeonMob - Summer 2017

(Naud van Dalen) #33

I actually made a spreadsheet and wrote down every trade in there. That was a lot of work and it withheld me from making many trades. I didn’t even write down the trade ID, even though that’s the most important information. :roll_eyes: Now I just make a screenshot of trades I make and use the trade ID as the name. With the trade ID, I can get the real date and time of creation and completion of a trade. I just want to know the ownership counts when the trade was made instead of when you look at it.

I’m going to made a website where you can log your trade history by filling in your trade IDs. I already made a website where you can see the amount of cards, unique cards and unique cards per rarity you have and it also logs the history. I also made a website where you can find the best trading partners, although that one’s not online since it uses too many requests for my free hosting (it loads all traders dynamically in the background).

(Varactyls) #34

Are there any plans to take final card count into consideration when awarding points when discarding cards? Some of us value final card count more than rarity for closed out sets. For example, if there are only 10 copies of a common card ‘printed’, to me that would be worth more than an extremely rare card of which there are 2000 copies ‘printed’. I know everyone values their cards differently and it’s not going to be possible to take all variations into consideration. Just curious, so I can figure out how much I can clean out now via discards, or if I should keep hanging onto some of those old cards a while longer.

(Cloud9) #35

unfortunately with the new time-limited sets, if there is a low final card count when the time expires,
it simply means that the set was not that popular

(Naud van Dalen) #36

Discarding an extremely rare means that one person can’t complete the set anymore. If there are 1000 ERs, 1000 people can complete the set (although most likely many will be incomplete). The rest of the lower rarities may be discarded because no one who hasn’t already completed the set can complete the set anymore because all duplicates have been traded. I hope not too many people will discard their extremely rares. Although why would you for only 500 points? You would need to discard 20 extremely rares for at the very most 3 chases if you are the luckiest person on NeonMob. Those are maybe worth 6 extremely rares.

(Varactyls) #37

NM has said that the discarded cards are not gone forever. They just haven’t (yet) told us how they will be available again. So, discarding shouldn’t prevent anyone from completing a set.

(Iboo) #38

*We need some kind of toggle on the trading menu to bring the people with the least/ most amount of cards to the top of the owners or seekers list. Alongside toggles to bring people with highest trade ranking (e.g. A+) to the top of the list (Having it so both can work at the same time would be ideal) whilst still prioritising people with duplicates over single cards. This would make searching for people to trade with a lot easier than having to scroll through lots of people, especially on older series, where most have 100% completion just to find ones with the least amount of cards collected right at the bottom of the list to trade with.
*Being able to hide accounts that you cant trade with from showing up in the list would also be helpful.
*I like that the amount of cards within a collection that people have in the trading list is now the percentage circles, as it gives a better idea of how many chase/ variants someone has. But I think it would be better if it was still the amount of cards shown (e.g. 47/100) rather than percentage within the circle which seems very obscure.

(Gorbachev) #39

This week we get something like the fifth UI refresh of the trading screens. Yes, it looks nicer, but as I’ve said before they’re meaningless without functional changes that address the usability issues with trading in particular.

Can we at the very least get sorting based on the completion percentage column?

The preferred fixes for trading functionality would be some sort of advanced search that allows you to specify search criteria like “has duplicates, has series X, Y and Z, is missing card A, B or C”.

(Carebear1646) #40

so I play on the computer and also from the app - when I am on the app if i have completed a series and then want to trade off my duplicates I can’t! I want to look for seekers directly from the app so I can view what cards they may have for my benefit but I can’t - then I have to go into other random series and cross my fingers and hope the series i am trying to trade off is part of their seeking list - very frustrating and slows the trading process :cry: