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I was also thinking it might work if we got a “sort by highest number of cards” filter. So that if you’re looking at, say, Daydreams series Common cards, you’d have the prints you have like 24 (or any biggest number) of at the top and the prints you have just 1 (or 2 if that filter is active) of at the bottom.

I’m just pointing this out since I’m not sure if custom numbers would be too complicated, and not all people have 5 of anything within a specific series. I’d be happy with either though.

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I totally agree about the carat reward being to low for special cards milestones. For example, finishing the legendary milestone for Butterflies from Polygonia got me only 20 K carats… that seems way to low regarding the difficulty of the task. I mean I know it’s a reward in itself for doing this but still… it should feel a little more rewarding :slight_smile:


Something I just came across is the fact that (at least on the mobile app) you can still see users who have blocked you in the trade lists. Someone I never talked with blocked me for sending 2 or 3 trades that they didn’t like, which is entirely in their right, but now I keep accidentally selecting them from the trade list (since I never familiarized myself with them, or if I remember I think they might have unblocked me) and I end up planning the whole trade only to find out I’m blocked after I try to send the offer.

So TLDR, how about removing users that have blocked you from the trade list view? Or at least making it so that we get notified of being blocked before we are ready to send the trade offer.

Yup, we are working on this thanks to some user inquiries we have received the past few months. As this isn’t a critical issue, it’s been pushed down the list a little bit but we have it on the board. - Joe @ NeonMob


When I am trying to select another collector or owner to trade, it’s great that we can arrange them by grade, cards and series percentage but we should be able to arrange them also by last time online/active/inactive
Even though we are able to choose the grade, that doesn’t guarantee the player is active. There were some a and b graders that only entering their profile I found out they weren’t active for a few months or years. I waste a lot of time doing this.

That’s a good idea. In the meantime, the userscript created by 7nik lets you see when they were last active once opening up the trade window.

Would be more logical to downgrade trade grade one step after every inactive month. Simply because they are not trading they cannot be “trade grade A+”.Really hate to see A+ collectors who opened last pack two years ago…:angry:

The reason their trader grade doesn’t go down is because they locked/ disabled their trades. Since they are not accepting any they are also not refusing any hence their grade remains the same. At least this is what I think it is happening.

All the traders I have checked to ask for a trade for a specific older card, all were high rated but all were off the game for months and some even years.

To be able to edit my wishlist.

I have cards that I am not interested in getting anymore but I do not remember to which set they belong to.

Nope, the not-responding decreases the trader grade.

It goes down so slowly because not so many people trade old cards and, when they see that a user has not visited the site for a long time, they just do not trade to him and thus keep the trade grade on the same level.

How if they disabled the trades?

If a user has disabled trades, then he won’t be shown on the card seekers/owners list. So no matter which trade grade he has, there is no button to trade him.

This is the problem.
As to not lose their trader grading, they disabled trades. For those who are still trying to complete their sets (no matter how old they might be), we are looking into those who have them 1 by 1. It’s only when we try to make a trade with them that we realize that we cannot in spite of being an A+ .

Players that disabled trades should be invisible to all of us including their sets, until they return to active, if they ever do return.

And they are invisible.

Ok, I disabled trading for myself.
I was lucky to get this very rare card, you can see it in my collection. So, can you now trade to me via the card or my profile?
And I’m waiting for a screenshot of what you see.

You, indeed, did not show up in my search for this card.

@ hesthea: You can just go to your wishlist (you find that in favorites section) and there you can see all your wishlist and remove unwanted cards…

@lonelee Thank you. It is way better like that without any doubt.

I would love to see a “Wishlist All” for series. This feature is really helpful, just very tedious to wishlist every single card in a series, especially series that you don’t own any of.

And I agree with these comments on the grader level being broken. I came back to this site after being inactive for 1-2 years and I was still a A+ trader. I actually was shocked that I was still at that after being inactive. (Def helped with getting back into collecting though :slight_smile: )


why does the site still show the cards that you proposed to trade to other, i think it wold be better to put in a separete tab.

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tha trading function should show how long people have been away from the site.

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