Very high pack odds for limited series ... is this intentional?

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Seen on Pixel Landscapes:

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Yes, @sima.seal4 this is intentional. This is the odds of the chance to to pull this type of card based on the total number of cards for this set - and due to the set and limited print count and print type for this set, this is the chance you have to pull this type of card. This set has 1 variant card, and there are only 2 copies - so yes the odds of pulling it are extremely low - thus making the pack odds reflect such the high number it does for your example.

Back then, pack odds was one of the ways users used to place value on their cards along with card type and total print count - that’s one reason why many users (not all) have a hard time trading older sets with set print counts for newer infinite ones when they are in print - as it is hard to tell if there will end up being 200 or perhaps 2,000 of an equal card type, until the set goes out of print.

Pixel Landscapes (detailed)

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How did you do the “detailed” thing?

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This extension shows some addition info, including total print count.

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Demon Palz has very weird odds. I found it with “Available for free” filter and it has odds for free packs but there is no “Free Pack Odds” label and the series available only for paid packs. And looks like it doesn’t have out of print date.

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Weird World(Prequel)

Edit: Turns out to find out the real odds you have to go to Open Packs --> Pack Odds. However, with Demon Palz it is strange that it says something about free packs when there isn’t a slot for free packs.