[Userscript] Trade enhancements

I do a lot of cross series trades to collect old series. But for such trades, you need only cards from the OoP series. Also, to make the best offer, you need to open a user profile page to get additional info.
So I decided to write a userscript which helps me with trading.
It provides the following things:

Series type filter

Adds 5 additional option for filtering series by its type:

Unlimited Series
Series with an infinite number of cards.

Limited Series
Series with a fixed number of cards, it also includes out of print series.

Free Packs Available
Series, where free packs still available.

Any Packs Available
Series, where any packs available, regardless of is it free or paid.

Out of Print Series
Series, where no available packs.

Series reset

Adds button for quick reset a chosen series without scrolling or moving scrollbars.


Collection progress

Adds a line with the progress of your and partner’s collection. It allows you to estimate partner interest in cards from this series.


Links to series and collections

Turns series name to a link to it.
Collection progress also is a link to the collection.


Buttons to select a series

Button to set a series as chosen to check out other cards from this series.


Button to filter out a series

It allows you to hide series, and it’s useful for hiding of big spamming series.


Last activity of the partner

How far ago the partner did something.
Note that means the last public activity but not the last site visit.


How to get the usercript

To use usercript, you need an appropriate extension. I recommend Tampermonkey (Chrome Webstore, Firefox Add-ons).
Then you need to download the userscript and the extension automatically offers you install it.


There were some troubles with previous topic, so I had to created a new one.

Change log for release 1.2.2

Added ability to filter series by presence of free or any packs.
Filters moved to the series selector.
Added ability to choose series from card.
Added ability to hide (and show back) multiple series.
Added displaying of time of partner last activity.
Fixed broken popup with collection progress.
Fixed CPU and server loading in some cases.

New version 1.3.0

New feature added: filter sets.
This feature allows you to save settings of filters and, optionally, the chosen series (or series filter). It also includes a list of the hidden series.

If there is a filter set named “Default”, it will always be applied at the start of trading.


Thanks for the work. :blush: Oh, will it work on android users with mobile interface?

As far as I know, only Fiferox for Android allows installing extensions. But I’ve not tested the userscript there.

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New version 1.3.2:
FIxed links to user’s collections.
Removed links to series - now the site provides them.

Version 1.3.3
Fixed breakage caused by the site update.