Updated Collection View and Speed!

(Gorbachev) #21

I’m sorry, but yet again your UI tweaks are not improving things.

This may actually work well, if you have a relatively small collection. But for people with large collections this is not an improvement. It will take forever to scroll through the collection to get to what you were looking for. However ugly the old dropdown list was, at least it was pretty fast to use. This new system is EXTREMELY slow, because of the progressive loading of the next page.

The filtering capabilities are a step towards the right direction, but they still need a lot of work IMHO. The way you’ve implemented multiple choices within the same button is very confusing, for example.

(Gorbachev) #22

How do I go to my collection for a specific series? Let’s say I have a trade for a series I haven’t touched in a while. It’s pretty much in the middle of every sorting order available to me on the new collection page.

There’s actually no way to do that on the new collection page. Instead you have to search for the series by name on the search functionality in the top, then click on the appropriate search result, then click again to get to your cards for the series.

Or go to your home page (neonmob.com/username) and use the dropdown list on that page. Which I suppose is pretty fast, but that’s not where I’d intuitively go to find series I’ve collected. The Your Collection page would be the most intuitive page for that.

(A H) #23

I’m not sure if this has been suggested anywhere yet, but it would be very helpful to be able to readily see that an out of print series is an amateur series. So with the way it is right now, when an amateur series goes out of print, the banner indicating that it is an amateur series is replaced by an ‘out of print’ banner, and I believe the only way of figuring out if it was amateur or pro is by scrolling through the ‘Newest Amateur Series’ page.

So perhaps there could be two banners for out of print amateur series? I know this is just a small detail but it might be helpful!