Updated Collection View and Speed!

(Shawn) #1

Howdy collectors,

We are pleased to announce an update to the web collection view that includes a way to filter/sort your full collection as well as specific series. The team has been working on this update for a while now, as we really are focusing on updating the speed of the site. With this update, you will notice a major improvement in the load time of your collection page. This speed improvement will be added to collect, trade, and additional areas of the site.

Please note, this isn’t the final update to the collection page. We encourage feedback on how you’d like to sort and filter your series for optimal origination and collecting.

In addition, we are updating the native iOS app with a new profile screen and bug fixes. As always, please reach out to me or @vagrantscout with questions or comments.

We will be updating the FAQ and help sections of the site shortly.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #2

I just wanted to quickly open some packs, but my ‚recent series‘ in the ‚collect tab’ was reversed, both on the browser (web) and in the app (after updating). It now shows the oldest series, that I opened at the beginning and I have to scroll to a heap of series, that are out of print. Please fix that section.

I‘ve figured out, how to get to my recently opened series. I like the new filters in the ‚collection tab‘. It was just confusing to see the ‚collect‘ tab reversed.

(Shawn) #3

Try sorting by recently collected. If it’s not working as intended, we’ Look into it.

(Mbergmaier) #4

I also have the issue that my “recently collected” aren’t what they should be. Would be great to have it back again :slight_smile:

(Iboo) #5

I really like this update for the collection page, more sorting options are always helpful. However the update also reversed my ‘Recently collected series’ on the Homepage and on the Collect page. Also a lot of the little symbols on the buttons site-wide are now broken for me, the only one that shows properly is the star for ‘favourite’.

Recently collected series is back to normal again now for me.

(Thetoonwizard) #6

I also do like the update, however, when I go into a series some of the top buttons are jumbled up into each other, such as a series name and the sort by button. This does make this more difficult when I also have the Neonmob Turbo buttons implemented into it.

(Shawn) #7

We are working on a patch to restore recently collected on the collect and home page to sort from newest to oldest. As far as ‘turbo buttons’, those are created by a third party, and may not work properly with our updated interface.

(Iboo) #8

The buttons aren’t working on the regular site for me, without turbo. When you scroll over a series where the buttons ‘Series details’ ‘Your series’ and ‘Favourite’ show up, only the star symbol for favourite is showing, the others just show up as small rectangular boxes. Then the buttons for ‘Incomplete’ and ‘Available’ on the Your collection page show the words but not the symbols as well.

(Thetoonwizard) #9

I’ve also been experiencing the same issue in that case, as extension buttons don’t show on that page, but the symbols for each aren’t showing up… :confused:

(Mbergmaier) #10

“recently collected” is back to normal - thanks! The update itself is great!

(Nick Barrett) #11

I really like the new collection page. I really like being able to sort/filter by “Availablity”. But I would like to know or have the button to either purchase or use free packs from that page. Right now its another step to the page or your collection.

Keep up the great work!

(Naud van Dalen) #12

I really like the new collection page with the collected sets on the first page instead of just loading the most recent set.

The 3 state buttons are a little confusing the first time though. A select box would be clearer. Right now it means 1 or 2 clicks to select an option, but with a select box it’s always 2 clicks, so in that sense it’s better than a select box because of less clicks. Although if you want to add extra options later, you need a select box because otherwise you’re clicking 3 or 4 times. :stuck_out_tongue: You’d also only have to load the collection once instead of twice if you want to select completed or unavailable.

I have some suggestions about extra options:

  1. Instead of incomplete and complete, make incomplete, core set completed and full set completed. I want to look at sets I haven’t even completed the core set of instead of looking at sets with completed core sets, but missing chases, because I won’t fully complete many of them anyway.

  2. Also instead of available and unavailable, make free packs available, paid packs available and unavailable, so I don’t have to worry about a set being out of free packs, because I never pay for packs.

I would also like the open pack buttons on the bottom of every set, just like on the rest of the website.

(Mbannist) #13

You may already be able to do this but I can’t find it.
I want to be able to sort all my Full series sets , my completed core series sets and Incomplete out of print sets
and have them at either the front of the directory for trading or out of sight if i am not going to be looking at them for a while,

(Shawn) #14

Thanks for the feedback! We found it important to publish the collection revision before the end of the year to test the speed improvements, as collect and trade are being revised, as well. We’ll likely update the UI once we release the collect and trade revisions.

  1. I’ll discuss this with the team.
  2. This is planned but will likely be released with the revision of the collect page.

Re: pack buttons on the collection page. This isn’t in the plans, for now. I’ll revisit the topic once the collect page revision has been released.

(Shawn) #15

What do you mean by “front of the directory for trading” and “out of sight”? I’m not sure if you’re talking about added filters (the team can discuss this) or some sort of archive.

(Mbannist) #16

i’m not sure what i want technically but i would like to be able to segment
my sets into four subsets, as mentioned above. Then bring them up in those
groups on the my series list.
The I would also like to be able to move series to different segments as
the series is collected
Sorry if I am not being clear
An archive for 100% completed sets where I only have one of each card and
will no longer be trading would also be useful for the future
My mailbox is protected and cleaned by cleanfox.io
My mailbox is protected and cleaned by cleanfox.io

(maxy) #17

Heya! I noticed there’s a bug when viewing the trades you make. In iOS, the cards the owner and myself are swapped. It shows that I will give the card that I need. Same goes for the owner

(Shawn) #18

Thanks @ximuka. We’re aware of the bug, and it will be fixed with the next iOS update.

(Naud van Dalen) #19

Sorting a series by rarity is broken. The order is wrong and changing the sort direction does nothing if rarity is chosen.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #20

Report sent to team about sorting issue. - Joe @ NeonMob