*Update* Upcoming Publish for Web and iOS: 9/7/17

(Shawn) #1

Greetings all,

We are pleased to announce the following updates coming to web and iOS, later this week. This publish is primarily focused on redesign, performance, and additional fixes to recently reported bugs. Currently, we are working on design improvements as well as increased functionality for iOS to be deployed later this month.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don’t hesitate to post your thoughts or contact us directly. Also, keep an eye on the forums. We will be posting a thread soon with a sneak peek of some new features we’ve been working on.

Happy collecting!

September 7th Publish:

  • Single trade button (web): “Owners” and “Seekers” will be replaced with a single trade button as a first step in improving trade functionality
  • Collection filter bar redesign (web): Filters will be more prominent on the Collection page
  • Milestone reveal (iOS): You will now receive a notification on iOS when you achieve a milestone
  • Note: Trade milestones will not yet trigger a notification on iOS. This will be included in the following update
  • Ruby Pack: A lower priced premium pack for unlimited pro sets
    • Initial price of 6 credits
    • All rarities
    • Slightly better chance of containing very rare and chase cards than Base pack
  • Performance updates & bug fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where sold out sets showed as available if its prints were discarded
    • Outdated trade notifications should no longer remain in the notification panel
    • An issue delaying trade notifications from appearing immediately has been resolved
    • Resolved an issue where credits didn’t immediately show up after purchase on iOS
    • Beginner milestones will now be recorded when achieved on iOS
    • Collectors that have discarded all of a series will no longer show up as a potential trade partner for that series

(JB) #2

Excited to see the update to trading and glad to see the addition of a pack purchase option that has all rarities!

And I really love the heads up.

Do you have an expected time frame you are pushing this out - so I know when I should get my packs before you go down for maintenance?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #3

It appears that we are scheduled for maintenance sometime on 9/7, but no set time on that date yet … I will try and give everyone as much heads up as possible.

(Cloud9) #4

Yes, appreciate the better communication!

I hope that the activity feed glitch where only the last pack opened is shown instead of all the packs for that preview (ie -says +6 cards, but will only show 2 when clicked on) is fixed in next update.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

ooooh yeah that probably isn’t on the list tbh as the team identified some more pressing issues they wanted to handle to improve trading, sorting, searching, and the like … but a couple people have mentioned it so I will make note. - Joe @ NeonMob

(JB) #6

seeing how (for me at least) 9/7 is almost here - any update as to when were going down for maintenance? And for how long?

(Shawn) #7

The scheduled publish will be available on web within the next couple hours. We don’t foresee the site becoming inaccessible. If for some reason this changes, and we need to take the site down for maintenance, I’ll keep you updated.

The iOS build is pending approval and should be available in a day or two.

(Loimprevisto) #8

The “recent” list of packs got jumbled up in the patch, with some old sets getting mixed in with the recently opened packs.

(Cloud9) #9

I think it has to do with recent trades reordering the list - I don’t like this happening.

(JB) #10

the recent pack thing I agree throws me off - I don’t like that “upgrade” as I trade miscellaneous prints from sets that are out of free packs/sold out and I wouldn’t want them cluttering up the current sets I draw.

Also - on the set page that shows what you’ve collected, I miss that you can no longer see how many prints you have per rarity, like you could in the drop down - and since that quick info circle doesn’t appear on that page there is no way to quickly see that other than selecting the rarity and manually counting.

Would love if that circle could make it to those pages if the # / # can’t be added back in any way.

(Naud van Dalen) #11

A bug should usually get fixed before adding extra features. Although I don’t really care anymore. I save all new activities automatically, so I have my own complete list with semi accurate timestamps. :stuck_out_tongue:

(GreenSpleen) #12

Neonmob is getting more and more fun upon hearing these news updates!
Could the site also improve its pro series categorization? Because for some pro card series that aren’t put into a category (but should be) they’re less discoverable…

I notice that only the more recent additions are being put under cool groups like “Fantasy & Sci-fi.”

(Cloud9) #13

All of the sets from a trade cluttering up “Your Recent” feed are really bad for a number of reasons. Most people I would imagine go there to open their packs from day to day. If it is cluttered up there is so much more to scroll through and it gets annoying. I have a big set, so get lots of trades for random stuff - what is my alternative? Declining those trades? Also if someone doesn’t have a trade list, or heck even if they do, often it is easier to look and see what they have opened recently rather than what has come along in a random trade! PLEASE get rid of this “update”.

(JB) #14

I couldn’t agree more @cloud9. I’ve just been trading dupes from out of print sets and having them mix in with the recent packs I actually open is super annoying, especially when I am trying to open packs on my android phone!

Someone click the undo button ASAP!

(Naud van Dalen) #15

Sometimes when opening a trade, the print counts are wrong and it takes a few seconds to update because the other user’s print counts need to be loaded from the server.
If you accept a trade and click on it, the print counts stay the same until you refresh the page. If someone accepts your trade and you click on the alert to open the trade, your print counts stay the same until you refresh the page.

This is because the print counts are loaded right after the page loads. These print counts get used in the trades instead of the print counts that are included in the trade information. If those print counts were used, it would be up to date all the time and much faster, because the data is already there. You also would not need to load all of the other user’s print counts, just to show the print counts of up to 10 cards.

Here is a small part of the data of a trade. You can see it includes the print counts of the bidder and responder under own_counts.

(NightKrowe) #16

You guys unintentionally removed a feature by doing this. I composed a trade for the last card I need in a series (The Muse Of Light (Light in Color) for Jueteng in a Bike (the NOSTALGIA SHENANIGANS), one extremely rare for another, by offering my last copy of an extremely rare from a different series. My goal is to now find another copy of that extremely rare that I’m about to trade away, but I only have access to “Seekers” by clicking “Trade”, when I want “Owners” so I can get another copy.

I thought this was smart, because in NOSTALGIA I only own one copy of the other extremely rare, but in Light in Color I own more copies of other extremely rares, and it’d be easy to retrieve. Not so in your system. In my specific scenario I can still look for seekers of those other Extremely Rares, but it’s less streamlined than before. It’s saddening to see a useful feature be removed like this.

(Nicodeamus) #17

I miss both the “per rarity” counts on the collection page, and the ability to see how many of a card is in rotation if you already own it. But rather than having to open the owners list to see the count (like before) it would be nice to have that information somewhere more accessible.