Update Launched 7/21 Re: Bug Fix #1

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

Hey everyone! The team launched an update this morning PDT to address the issues with Streaks, the Free Packs Timer, and some notifications … they said this should address the problem immediately but that it may take a day for the system to properly work through the issues. You should see improvements beginning today regardless.

This is the first of a few patches the team will be putting out in the near future; doesn’t solve it all but it’s a good start and a solid base for attacking other bugs. Next up for issue resolution: Trading.

I will continue to keep the community updated with as much news as I can get.


Joe @ NeonMob

I dont Get Card at all since 1day
(Moosecat) #2

Hoping it works, because I got 3 packs in the last 15 hours =\ I will keep my eye out over the next couple days!

(Bowsercookies) #3

streak works but I’ve not been on this site in over 12 hours and I only had 5 packs. it should of been full.

(Qazyn) #4

Good news: streaks worked perfectly this morning.

Bad news: outside of the packs granted by the streak, I’ve accumulated three packs in the last 23 hours. That’s horrendous.

UPDATE: this is weird, but: Packs are working! The COUNTER continues to show zero available, but if I know I should have some, I can go to the pack, click “get packs” and open the usual number. Go figure.

(Moosecat) #5

The 3 packs I had in my last comment…I forgot to use them. It was 7 hours ago and all I have still is those same 3 packs lol

(Darklinkrises) #6

Seems okay for me … full free packs over night + streak works.
Trade notifications still bugged (old ones stay forever / new ones don’t show up at all)

(System) #7

I didn’t receive a streak notification or reward today. My free pack count also didn’t account for the time difference between the last time I visited the site and now. I didn’t encounter any of these issues over the past two days.

(JB) #8

This morning it was the same for me on mobile - however - when I clicked on sets I wanted to open packs for I had free packs.

In the end, my counter went to negative six.

So I had my packs, but I had no way of knowing until I clicked on open packs for a set.

(Qazyn) #9

After I did the same, when opening NM in a new window, my counter was back from -6 to zero. It seems like the pack display is broken now, rather than the counter.

(Varactyls) #10

I’m seeing something similar. Overnight packs and streak worked. Pack display is off, but eventually resets itself after you go to another page and go back. I consider this a big improvement, as long as I get my packs! :slight_smile:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #11

The team is aware of this and is looking for a resolution. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Bowsercookies) #12

-______- when IS THIS GOING TO BE FIXED???

nearly four hours and not a single pack. I should have 3 soon to be 4 more packs but INSTEAD ITS ZERO.

be nice if it got fixed like the streaks and overnight packs was fixed. gah… and are we going to get ANYTHING for loosing countless free packs over the past month or no?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #13

This issue should have been resolved with the last update on Friday and you shouldn’t be seeing this on the web. If on iOS, make sure that you have pushed the update we launched Friday 7/21.

Some have been experiencing issues like varactyls mentioned above and may be a link between user actions spurring calls to refresh the timer / packs where not all the appropriate actions are initiating that call for information. A work around that I have found to help is if you think the timer is being wonky, find a card you don’t want and discard it … this triggers a user action that will check the freebie timer and update it.

I have sent in a bug report already and the team has told me they will look into it. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Bowsercookies) #14

I’m using the wb version. and its NOT FIXED

I am sick to death of this. Its been about a month. come on now. I’ve lost dozens if not more free packs because of this

-_- the countdown goes down and then restarts without giving me a single pack

edit. and now my packs showed up after nearly 7 hours. >>