Upcoming Limited Edition Series (Updated 9/30/19)

Make sure to get your votes in for these upcoming limited edition series releases from some of our most popular NeonMob creators! Remember, when you vote on a pro series submission you will receive a notification immediately upon series publication … a great way to make sure you get special Day 1 carat & credit packs or other special pack tiers :wink:

Publication dates listed below are just estimates, actual publication dates are subject to change based on our publication calendar. Check back on this list regularly for new additions!

Jarid Scott - $k1n 2 … Friday November 1st

Oracle Saturn - Chef Wars Journeys: Trinkets … Friday November 8th

**Ray J. Lonsdale (aka @flybypilot63) - Glide Path 2 … Friday November 15th

Beatrice.d - Popsilicious … TBD

Rilee Belnap - Dark Fairytales … TBD


Ray Lonsdale is working on another Glide Path series … take to the skies this November!