Two new Ideas for series submited, vote if you like it :)

(Ruygda) #1

Hello my friends, there are two new submits to vote. The first one I will call it RPG Buddies, it would be a series of 20 RPG classes draw and paint in my chibi style, 40 cards more or less if I draw women and men by every class. The second one I will call it Mind passages, it would be a series of 20 fantasy places painted with watercolors.

If you like the Ideas, vote so they can be published. Meanwhile I’m working on upgrade the visual concep of the series. I drop here the links. Thanks for your votes and the feedback is very apreciated. The first one

(Ruygda) #2

Hello, I have a name for the new serie (Little RPG). Take a look to my new illustrations.

(Ruygda) #3

Hello I want to show you another of the arts, I still working in the frames :slight_smile:

The vote link is above. Help me to give life to this characters on Neon mob.