Trying to finish Gumpies collection

Hi all, I am only missing one Gumpies card in my collection:

and I am willing to trade for it if anyone is interested?

This is my current collection:

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Hah, if you look closely, I’ll notice that Solarisa is 10 times rarer than other chases - 100 prints vs 1K. This card is even rarer than legendary cards from the Butterflies from Polygonia.
I also hope to get this card before the series is discontinued.

Thanks mate, I didn’t realise… Hope I get it too… Good luck!!

I’m in the same boat, only need Solarisa… and I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m likely not going to get it before the series is sold out.

75 have already been accounted for… and only 100 total… and certainly none of the 75 owners have a duplicate and thus unlikely to let it go.

I wonder if there are any left in the free packs… and the last 25 would only show up in a Paid / Gold Coin pack?

Calculations say that odds of Solarisa are 1 in 6k free packs and 1 in 2462 paid packs.
Theoretically it should be available in both.

Well… not necessarily. ( I think).
I’ve always assumed those odds are generated at the beginning of the release, when all the packs are generated, those odds are just reverse calculated… (well… more likely those odds are used to help generate the packs).

Since each card is numbered… any given card is either (1) in a pack yet to be opened… (2) owned by someone or (3) discarded.

And… since we know there are only 25 of that card not owned… in theory… i can be known (to someone in the system) if those cards are assigned to free packs or paid packs. Eventually… the free packs will be all gone…and only remaining packs will be the paid packs.

Its very unlikely that the packs are pre-packed and I am pretty sure it does not matter which pack you select from the table when using the app. Also the existence of unlimited series tells me that it is just a definition of odds for the random routine running when you open a pack…

Hm… maybe for unlimited series… the cards are randomized at the open you select the pack.

But… for limited series… (like Gumpies)… I always thought more was determined up front. In fact, is not that the whole lure of such “limited series”… knowing there is a finite amount of any given card?

And certainly the type of packs matter… as there are many “nearly sold out series”… where there are no longer any freebies left… (i.e… " Mythic Creature Collection 8"

I might read thru the FAQ later to get some clarity on how limited series are “released” and/or generated.

Packs for limited edition series are pre-determined prior to release. Packs for unlimited edition series are randomly generated upon pack opening. - Joe @ NeonMob


Then I was thinking wrong all the time… Good to know. That means that if paid and free packs are available it is not clear in which pack type the cards are waiting to be opened… :slightly_smiling_face: