Trying to detemine set sucessfulness

(Lyris) #1

Hi all, new creator to Neon Mob and just had my first amateur pack (Gemstones & their Meanings) released in the early AM. I looked at my dash to see how many packs have gone out and it looks like a good number, but how can I tell for sure.

I guess I’m asking, what is a good baseline for number of packs claimed per day for an amateur set to know if the set has longevity. Or is there one?

Thanks in advance.

(Ottscee) #2

I just submitted my first amateur set but it has not become available yet (it’s been 5 days…). I am also curious about what is average for number of packs/day. I am collecting your series and I think it is a great one! I’m pretty sure your set could have been a Pro series so I bet your numbers are higher than most of the other amateur sets.