Trading values of cards

Hi! I’ve recently received a duplicate of a variant card (Book of Witches II), and would like to trade it away for some Extra Rares. Is there a set value, with each successive tier worth twice the previous? Or is it purely up to the trader (within reason)?
How many ExRs should I trade for a Variant?

Hi.:slightly_smiling_face: There is no general rule. Most collectors treat variants and chases separately from the core cards, some even ignore them completely. So it highly depends on person. Also the value is seen differently by people. You should consider the total amount of existing cards and series status (out of print, available for credits only, free). I remember one series where the odds are set up in a way that the variant card appeared more often than the common cards. I ended up with 30 of the variant at time of complete core. Recycled them all because the variant had no value… Card values are confusing at beginning but after a while and 500 trades you get a feeling for it.:grimacing:

If you’re going to collect all Book of Witches II’s variants, I’d recommend you trade the card for another variant. If you want trade it for a ER within this series or another with available free pack then start with seekers who wishlisted this card. As variants in the Book of Witches II are in constant deficit, you can easily get 2 ER. For a series without available free packs, it largely relies on a person’s preferences.