Trading owners and seekers series completion flipped

(Naud van Dalen) #1

When searching for traders who own a card I seek, I see traders who own many cards of that series. That means there’s a low chance that they seek the card(s) I have duplicate(s) of.

When searching for traders who seek a card I own, I see traders who own a small amount of cards of that series. That means there’s a low chance that they own duplicate(s) of the card(s) I seek.

It would be better to flip this around.
Owners should be sorted with the lowest completion at the top (after sorting on duplicates first and trader grade second). Ideally I want to see only traders who seek cards of the same rarity I own duplicate(s) of, but that requires more programming than simply reversing the sorting algorithms. This would be a start and an advanced search can always come later.
Seekers should be sorted with the highest completion at the top (after sorting on trader grade).

(Who8mypnuts) #2

I agree with you but I find so many people wont trade me those cards because they’re singles, even if they’re from something their not collecting. It’s really annoying.

I try hard to find people who only have one or two cards of a set. They’ll say “I don’t trade singles”.

(Naud van Dalen) #3

Owners of a card who have duplicates of it should stay at the top, but many people have already completed the set, which means that most of the time, they won’t trade it for another card they already own. I actually only want to see people who need a card of the same set and rarity that I have a duplicate of. (or possibly 2 of a lower rarity)

I’m actually making a tool to automatically find the right trade partners for me. It’s really slow though, because the NeonMob API takes like a second per request. The only reason it’s fast when scrolling though the trader list is because they already load it while you are scrolling and it loads only 1 at a time. You need to load the whole list again after going back to the trader list after finding out a user does not need a card you have a duplicate of. My tool would actually save them bandwidth instead of costing more, because everything would load once.

(Who8mypnuts) #4

Are you using python for your tool?
What api are you interacting with?

(Naud van Dalen) #5

I use PHP and I use the API that Neonmob itself uses. I don’t know if it’s allowed though. :stuck_out_tongue: Although if you visit the API from the browser, it has a nice layout (sometimes, they use like 3 different formats…), like they want you to use it. :wink: I could always turn it into a script that gets injected into with Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, so it’s no different from searching for owners of a card with the built in trade functionality. I’m not spamming the site or anything. Opening dozens of tabs and scrolling though all activity feeds uses way more bandwidth and is unnecessary, but my tool actually saves bandwidth by only loading the owners list once and stops once it finds owners without duplicates. That’s a bunch of pages you would scroll through every time you click “Back to owners”. Also it checks if you have cards that someone needs if they don’t already have the entire set completed and have a high enough trader grade (you can set this limit yourself).

I already made 2 simple scripts that you can use with Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.
This script turns grey images into colored images when looking at a card in fullscreen.
This script lets you browse the site with your arrow keys.

(Who8mypnuts) #6

Very nice! Thank you for sharing.

I’m much more comfortable with PHP. Learning python right now as I type.

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to make a few different chrome extensions for Neonmob and a couple different fun pages of “Neonmob facts” like who owns the most of what card, who’s at the top with the most cards, and other things like that. Just something fun to let me improve in my programming skills.

I’ll have to browse through the API in the next few days.

(A H) #7

A problem that would arise from sorting owners from lowest to highest completion is that for series where free packs are/were available, you’d get a bunch of collectors at the top of the list who own 1-3 cards of the series, but who aren’t actually collecting it. So people who only own those cards due to there being free packs of the series given out.

(Naud van Dalen) #8

I could even let it make trade offers automatically and because of the auto withdrawal feature, you can’t trade a card multiple times. That of course requires the script to be injected in the site instead of on a separate website. I actually use my user ID and session ID to authenticate, so I can only access my own trades. :stuck_out_tongue: