Trades with Gumpie bots not clearing from queue?

(Mrgerbear) #1

Hi! :slight_smile: I’ve made a few trades with the Gumpie bots but even after they are accepted and the trade completes, they still appear in the pending list. Is this intended? I even have a few that say 0 hours left, and they’ve been in my trade queue for a week or so now.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Joe from NeonMob here … you are right, this shouldn’t be happening. Might be a quick fix if you restart your phone / computer and see if that clears it. If you have already tried this, please send me a screenshot to and I will have the team check it out. Thanks!

(Mrgerbear) #3

It appears on my browser across all my devices, even after I cleared my
cache :frowning:

(Peopleschampion) #4

I haven’t trade in a while with a gumpie, they use to own thousands of cards and were very useful with long sets, specially for commons and uncommons.

The error you’re getting was common after NM changed the trade system (taking away to possibility of trading multiple copies), I used to get 10+ stuck in my trade list even after being accepted and after a couple of weeks, Bam!, suddenly gone. It happened to everybody, I don’t think a solution was implemented.