Trader grade problem

(7nik) #1

Recently I found Foobykamikaze — a user with trader grade A+ but when I checked his profile before starting trade I saw that his last activity was 2 years ago so it’s useless to trade with him!!! And quite often I see users with grade A- which are inactive for a half of year or more.

My thoughts and understanding of the trader grade:
The trader grade is a ratio of expired trades to the total amount. So you can evaluate chance that your trade will be accepted or declined but not expired.
But it doesn’t count user activity. So we can have users that are inactive for months or years but have a low percentage of expired trades (and hence high trader grade). However, since they don’t respond to the trades their percentage of expired trades grows (and trader grade decreases) but looks like this process is slow and sometimes is too slow.

(VictorLizcano77) #2

Or they probably chose to not receive trades (in account settings) when they stopped playing… At least that’s what I did when I stopped playing for a while.

(Haze) #3

If the user in question chose to stop receiving trades, then I wonder how the OP found this user. If this user appeared as a potential trade partner but had set things to not accept trades, I would say the user should not have been listed.

That said, I think this site doesn’t present “potential trade partners” so much as it presents “owners of a card”. So maybe it makes sense to list the user from that perspective though “potential trade partners” would be a more-useful filter.

(Carebear1646) #4

i find it funny that they wouldn’t get trades during their inactivity that would lower the grade anyway … because eventually they would expire - i do think people who haven’t been active say for 6 months should maybe get an automatic swap to disable trades or something until (if) they return

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

If a user turns off trades, they will either be grayed out or not appear in the trading module. Revising how trader grades are set is something already under review and should get an overhaul within a few months. - Joe @ NeonMob