"Trade away" in app no longer possible? And other app bugs

(Lonelee) #1

I am missing the “Trade away” function in app which was on the page of every owned card when you scroll down. Was that feature removed? Hopefully not because it was useful…:slightly_smiling_face:

(Wyando) #2

On iOS it still is there, taping a card, you get the details about that card and on the third line I have a “trade it away” which then loads the list of players searching that card…

(Lonelee) #3

No its not there. Otherwise I would have not started a topic. :grimacing: You sure to have the new update 2.1.8 from yesterday? I guess that it was removed in this version…:thinking:

(Wyando) #4

Oh, there is an update?!
You know me, I am always lazy with updates, especially when those are not announced at all. I usually tends to update when an app forces me or when I have issues with the app and I know they have been addressed and resolved.
(That red counter on the app stores says 76 :rofl:)
It seems, from the update news, that the updatewas just for that iMessage stickes extension. I have seen that message, but this is not soemthing I rally about :grimacing:

(Lonelee) #5

I never use stickers but I believe in bug fixing magic :blush: and this only works with updates.:wink:
Current bugs:

  • trade away feature disappeared
  • empty series are still shown
  • scrolling down fast in collect screen or collection causes wrong images loading and display for series, after scrolling further down and back the correct images are shown again
  • going back to cards view after opening packs needs manual update to show the new state and cards
  • sometimes after opening app I cannot tap on any series in my collection, works again after switching between recent/a-z
  • after recycling last card of a series when I go back to collection screen this page should be updated but most times it is blank and I must refresh manually by pulling down, in most cases even the recent/a-z buttons are invisible (but usable)
  • sometimes I must re-enter my user and password when opening app so the app seems to forget my account

…thats all…:blush:

(Lonelee) #6

I just noticed that the greyscale preview for cards not owned was also removed in new app version. Formerly that was available with tap a little beside the magenta “trade for it” button…:neutral_face:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #7

I apologize for the late response in this issue … the team is looking into this as the “trade it away” functionality should not have been removed. Hoping to have more details or a resolution by end of month. - Joe @ NeonMob

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