To Trade, To Counter, or Not to Trade - that is my question

(JB) #1

So, I had a disappointing experience today - and I’m not sure how I feel about it.
I got to thinking, and the more I did, the more frustrated I became - but then I wondered, how do other’s handle this sort of thing?

Here is the exchange - name blurred since I don’t intend to “out” this person per se.
(you have to click on the image to see my last few words in the last response)

Now, just looking at that, you’d think I was being a little curt at my initial response - but this person has offered me multiple trades over time - most times just picking a random print to offer, so most I’ve either had to counter or decline. For this trade, I didn’t want to trade the piece he wanted - so I declined. A month later I get the message “no counter” - so I again remind him to look at my bio when offering me trades.

And I get that response - and it took me two hours to just reply - due to the initial shock I felt reading it.
I thought “Really, you want something from me, and you want me to look through your collection, so I can find something I might want, to help you? Why do I have to work to help you, when you have no interest in helping me by taking the time to even look at my bio and try to offer something I might accept?”

Then I thought - is this what other users expect? I sure hope not, as that’s not how I was “taught” when I joined by the “old timers” on the site.

When I make trade offers - I do my best to make them mutually beneficial.

  • We’re both collecting “X” and we both have a duplicate rare that the other needs - trade!
  • You’re collecting “Words As Image” and I’m collecting The “Inkforest” and we have extra very rares each need - trade!
  • You have something I want - and I can offer you a print of comparable value on your wish list - trade!

And so on - the point is, I’ll look at your sets, I’ll look at your profile and see what kind of trades you’ve accepted - and I’ll even try to make sure I don’t let one expire on you. I’ll read your bio and try to take your tips to heart - you took the time to write them, to help others trade with you after all - so why would you overlook such a handy tool?

Anyway - I’m curious of how you, fellow users, trade - your offers, how you handle declines, tricks you’ve learned while here, or has something similar happened to you and how you handled it.

Side thought - also wondering if there is any crafted trade etiquette anywhere in the FAQs

(Mémoire de l'étoile de nuit) #2

I just usually block rude people so I won’t have to deal with their negativity anymore. Even traders who purposely give unfair/offensive/unequal trades get a definite block from me. I just refuse to deal with this kind of nonsense anymore.

(Mckayrulez) #3

If someone gives me a trade I don’t want and I can’t find anything good to counter for, then sometimes I’ll try to wait it out and hope someone else sends me a better trade, or they’ll have found someone else to trade with in the mean time. Basically, I hope that way they’ll be auto declined. I know that probably sounds weird. :man_shrugging:
If the trades bad enough, I might say something but that’s not often.

(Kyourine) #4

When sending an offer, I usually check their bio, and even go to their series collection of the card I’m potentially offering to see if that’s a series they’re collecting based on the number of cards. I don’t put trading guidelines in mine, however, so I’m open to considering offers.

What does annoy me, however, is when people react rudely when I decline their offer. I have the right to decline for my own reasons, so I’d rather not have to explain to them why I did.

(Sima Seal4) #5

I haven’t had to handle someone like that but I would block them! There needs to be some punishment for being a large whollop of poo.

(Carebear1646) #6

I am torn on things like this - while I do try to check the bio - many times people have excel spreadsheets for organization but you can’t open them from the app and many people don’t play from the web on their phone (that is the whole reason for the app)

but it also makes trading more difficult sometimes too because of not being able to have the “filter” for common sets/wish list just not owned and multiple cards

(if we only get 1 to mobile i hope it is wish list as it will force people to utilize the feature too)

your response did seem rather short - so they probably responded the same way

it is true trading should help each person so it is kind of a tit for tat thing - you would be helping them to look through their cards but if they have what you want then it also helps you too - so you are both correct in a way

(mtso 💣) #7

For me, trading and finding the right trade is time consuming and fun. When I get a trade from someone new—even if it’s an initially unfair trade as an invitation for “shopping”—I make the effort to at least skim their collection. However, once I’ve declined a trade due to not finding something I want in their collection or if they consistently propose unfair trades, I eventually end up declining upfront.

Never really got to keeping an updated spreadsheet, so my description just links to a gallery of stuff I like and hope that that helps:

(Alex Dayz) #8

When I trade I try to be as equal as possible. Sometimes theirs one card I need to complete a series and if I send a trade that seams unfair to me I usually message them on why I need the card, and how they can counter or decline. If people do decline my trades I don’t think much of it and try to find someone new to trade with. I haven’t had a bad experience like that luckily but if I did I’d try to sort it out, and if that doesn’t work I’d block