Thread to Report Glitches

(Naud van Dalen) #42

This happens when you open multiple tabs of NeonMob and open free packs in different tabs. The counters don’t synchronize so some tabs thinks you still got free packs left. At least it checks right before actually opening the pack, otherwise people would leave a lot of tabs open to be able to open hundreds of free packs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

NeonMob could update the free pack counter every minute or so to synchronize it. They should at least update it when you get that error message, since they know you’ve got 0 free packs left at that point. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(xUsako) #43

Maybe that is another way to trigger the bug, but I definitely have only one tab open when I do this. :yum: If you don’t have any credits on your account, you can try it out for yourself, just search for whatever on the site and look at the series results :smiley:

(Naud van Dalen) #44

Oh THAT bug! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I discovered that a long time ago. I saw your reply but did not know it was a reaction to Whitney since your post is not indented and thought it was about a different bug.

(Sherri Keller) #45

@whit, I have encountered a bug as well. There is a trade from Audre that will not disappear. I have been unable to accept, decline, or modify it, and it still shows up in my trade queue after a couple of weeks.

(xUsako) #46

Found another one;
Got a ‘rare’ print (#3 from the series) and decided to share it, but when I tried to, it showed me a regular card sharing window. It wasn’t even the same card. I managed to screenshot it.

This is the first time that I try to share something and a bug such as this occurs.
My old QA days are haunting me, it seems :smiley:

(Jens Hviid) #47

I got an accepted trade which seems stuck in the pending trades list. It has 0 minutes left before it expires. :slight_smile: No clue how it happened. I hope it is cleaned up with a future update. It is a bit annoying to always stumble over the same trade again… at least it is just one.

(Candestep) #48

I actually lost every message and trade I’ve got, and now I can’t see any new trades I get even if I receive the notification via mail, I’m rank C- as a trader now! :confused:

(Larisse) #49

I got a notif from a trade I proposed haha. It was a bot trade. It kinda bugs me since I always think at first that someone proposed a trade to me but nah it’s just me lol #foreveralone

And also the perpetually pending trade that we get once in a while. I wonder why this happens? (it’s not from a bot this time)

(Linky00) #50

I’m on iPhone5 IOS9, and the app crashes every time I view a series! Am I the only one?

(xUsako) #51

filter I chose & results I got don’t match up

edit: after removing the rarity filter and then choosing it again, it appears to be fixed.

(Blackdahl) #52

I have a auto decline that hasn’t disappeared and I don’t know what to do about it

(gugustiuc) #53

Alerts seem to be broke on my end for some trades.
The trades appear on the Activity and in email but not in the Alerts window, in real time.

EDIT And now I’m getting someone else’s alerts. -_-

(JB) #54

This has been happening for months. Now it usually only is for trade expire notices. Glitches that have never been resolved from the trade window upgrade.

They might try to fix it again since many users are slowly returning to the site.

(Hellivioze) #55

Really? I check every now and then and the user numbers are still going down

(JB) #56

well on the FB group there have been a few post of those returning now that they have learned the pack odds have been adjusted again. Hence the hopeful slowly.