Thread to Report Glitches

(dave d) #22

I agree with Virginia and Silver: the replacement set is not one which I would have collected. And I also went pretty deep into Animal Puns, now leaving me stuck with a set with highly uncertain trade value, which I do not find to my taste.

(Reavisual) #23

I, too, agree that Broken Neck Ghosts is a TERRIBLE and DISAPPOINTING replacement for the adorableness that was Animal Puns. Those of us that completed the series loved it and devoted a lot of time and effort to it. To replace it with this joke of a series writes us off as having no taste or true interest or attachment to what we chose. I understand the need to remove it, due to plagiarism. But I feel like it should have been replaced with a series of equal quality or we should have been given the choice to packs or cards in an already existent series. I hope that you fix this lapse is judgment.

(gugustiuc) #24

I did some googling and found the Etsy shop TinyBeeCards

(Nick Barrett) #25

I agree also.

I don’t care for the “Broken Necked Ghosts” set and wouldn’t have opened my free packs with it…
I do wish with giving us options they could have just said here is a refund… for the packs you bought and removed the set.

I have read on the Facebook group that this is not the first set to have it happen with. Does anyone have a list of what other sets it happened with and what they were replaced with… I am not liking how NM is handling this. Having investing significant time and money into this only to have it swapped out.
Don’t get me wrong. I am mad that someone plagiarized someone else’s work and they should be removed. But we should be credited with something because NM didn’t vet the artwork.


The only other series I know of was World of Mythology. Not sure how that was resolved.

(gugustiuc) #27

Is the Lines series in the same situation? I was checking the Discover page and noticed it was out of print, checked the owners page for one of the commons and I fount it weird that a series with a 2000 print count number had so few owners with almost no dupes for each common card.


I noticed that too, but forgot it.

(gugustiuc) #29

The only reason I checked it is because I have 3 cards I would like to give away but now I have no idea if I should even bother.

(JB) #30

I’m a little disappointed that @whit or another team member hasn’t commented here again since we are all stressing that we aren’t happy with “Broken Necked Ghosts” and the lack of communication around this issue.

We have expressed that we didn’t get the email - and I still haven’t received it. Since this is our official forums, a post could have easily been added here to let us know - and there’s the facebook group, twitter and the google+ group - lots of ways to share this update with us.

What I would have loved to have happened was an agreement (or communication that the effort was at least made) to work with the accredited artist to keep the work on the site. Maybe could have watermarked the art until this deal went through.

If this didn’t work out, then something similar, like “the cute side of colors” or “incredibears” is what I would expect as a comparable replacement, as the art is similar, but doesn’t infringe upon the work of the original artist. Not that it has to be these sets, but I want the quality and cute factor I paid for.

Now - you have replaced it with a set - that decision is made - and for those who like it they will now try to trade for it since you have it as sold out - and it feels like this is the end of the conversation from the admins.

I partially blame this on the volume of sets being pushed out these days. Many of times I have read that the admin team is just a “small group of people”, and that they are mostly in iOS app land right now. If the proper time cannot be dedicated to verify if items are copyrighted, then perhaps the pace of set releases should slow down to give that needed time to do that research.

Why would I want to buy packs for art I like just to always wonder if it will still be there the next time I log in.

I would much rather wait for a good set, than feel as cheated as I do now with this “brand new (and original!) artwork”.

(Whitney Ricketts) #31

Hi everyone —

Thanks as ever for your thoughtful feedback. @silvermelowldy: I am sorry you did not receive my email — it went out to all owners of the collection, per our database, but I will manually resend the email to you now to ensure that you got it.

In short: This issue is something we wanted to be very meticulous and careful about addressing, and we’ve had a number of internal discussions as a team to identify the BEST way to confront and combat plagiarism. If you look to other companies like Valve — they do what we opted to do on Friday, which was replace the art with new, original art. We’re still working on the best solution, and we are grateful for your patience and feedback as we do so.

TL;DR: Everyone who purchased packs of Animal Puns will be reimbursed (and we will be reaching out to each purchaser to let them know). We will also be taking several additional steps to prevent this from happening again.

In addition to evaluating every submission for copyright infringement before it’s approved to become a series, we will also check images from each series before they are published. We will be enlisting a team of ambassadors to help us catch any potentially infringing works (stay tuned for more on this by EOW). Lastly, creators who are found to have violated copyright will be banned from NeonMob for life.

As ever, we welcome your ideas and suggestions as we move forward.

(JB) #32

Thanks for commenting @whit!

First of all - I finally did get the infamous email. :inbox_tray: Thanks for sending.

Also, I appreciate knowing that I am getting a refund for the purchased packs, especially since I was so disappointed with the replacement art. I would have been happier if the art was on par with what was lost. We had something cute and adorable and got something odd (and a little creepy) to replace it. :confused:

:thinking: However, I’m still wondering if the original artist solicited to potentially keep the set? I loved the work and would love to see it return to neonmob (or maybe even a new set of her work?) She obviously would do well since we loved it to begin with!

(Monami93099) #33

There’s a problem that I’ve been having since I started NeonMob just a few days ago. Whenever I go to change my collection in my display case, the box becomes hidden most of the way and won’t exit until I refresh the page. :sleepy:

(Lyklex) #34

I can no longer edit my topic? What the heck gives?

(Lisaa) #35

Just a small bug:
When I share my series preview it shows the wrong print counts.
I set mine to be 1000/650/400/300/200 (small distribution size), but it shows as 5000/3250/1600/900/600. The creator preview still shows the right ones.

(xUsako) #36

Does anyone know if they check this thread and fix issues from it?

Two tiny things I have noticed, not sure if mentioned before:
When using the search field and scroll down to series results, series with free packs will have the “Open Free Pack” button, even if all my free packs for the day are already collected. The selection window can be accessed and way after that is when you get the error of having all your free packs used up.

The other issue I encountered was upon visiting a friend’s profile through the chat feature. The “Friend List” button was in the state you see when someone is not on your friends list. Upon clicking it, it told me I added this person as a friend and for about 5 minutes or so they would appear twice on my friends list, even having the indicator showing there are two people online. After he left the website and came back it fixed itself.

(Whitney Ricketts) #37

Yes, we check this thread and report bugs and add them to the engineering backlog and prioritize them.

  1. Were you able to click and open free packs?

(xUsako) #38

I can click and view packs, just as I would if I was using my daily free packs, but when I click to open one it gives me the proper warning that I have used up all of my free packs for the day.


app crashed twice this morning after opening packs. didn’t get to see what I got until i got into work and could view my activity in a browser.

(Whitney Ricketts) #40

Thanks for letting us know! Sorry about that. Do you remember what page you were on when it crashed?


I know for sure the last free pack I opened crashed. Right after picking the lucky pack, and like a split second into displaying the card.