Thread to Report Glitches

(Keara Adara) #1

Firstly, I’d come across a problem on the main site. There’s a new layout, which mainly affects the trading window. Two tiny bugs I noticed:

  1. Trades are inverted: Prints given are shown to be received, and prints received are shown to be given. Quite confusing :confused:

  2. Pending trades no longer show who the trader is. For active traders (like me :stuck_out_tongue: ), this is really confusing because when I want to modify a trade, I have to click through 5 different trades with different people which all just show “You proposed a trade”.

(And as always, there’s that grammatical error: “Hmm, looks like they will get a bit better deal.”)

So, I wanted to report this, but then I realized that while there was a category for site suggestions, there isn’t a thread purely to report glitches, and it might seem a bit messy? Maybe there is a reason for this, but I thought I’d just throw my suggestion out there anyway.

~Keara :slight_smile:

(Mira) #2

If I may add one other point:
3) In the message view, prior trades cannot be viewed.
This is very inconvenient, as viewing your trading history with a person makes sure you do not offer the same trade twice.
With the trade centre also gone, what ways are there left to check your trade history?

Thanks for your consideration!

(D351) #3

Another issue, because of scaling problems, if I open the panel of prints displayed on my home page, I can’t change the ones on the bottom row. The menu pops up hanging off the bottom of my screen so far, that I can’t use the menus. If I scroll down the window, that menu stays hanging off the bottom of my screen as everything else scrolls.

Similarly, most other menus stick a little bit off the bottom of my screen, preventing me from seeing the number of prints I own of the bottom piece in a collection while picking pieces in a trade.

(Jens Hviid) #4


  • If you have a lot of open trades you can not see the messages anymore unless you scroll down to the bottom.
  • I preferred messages separate from trades.
  • Pending Trades have no more information at all. No Trade Screen anymore neither.
  • Trading History is “lost”.
  • Alerts are still mixed so you easily miss added friends.
  • Mouse Over of Friends/trades/alerts are kind of redundant as they just tell the same number as the red “flag”.
  • Still a mouse over to check how many other trades you have already open for a print instead of showing it directly and the mouse over often does not work (as it is display at wrong coordinates when you scoll in owners list.


  • Search friends
  • Top Link to Mark as Read.
  • New Trade Preview
  • Named bookmarking series in the browser

Overall I preferred the last build compared to the current one. I hope you added some good stuff under the hood. :smile:

(gugustiuc) #5

This is a good thread. Read my mind. :two_hearts: Likes to all of you.

This update makes me want to trade less.

(JB) #6

I tried this too a while ago too…

The problem is they get buried in the thread under all the new topics.

Maybe we could have a Site Issues link (and a few others like preferred artists) that are locked at the top so we can easily find and add to them?

Also I REALLY MISS THE TRADING DASHBOARDS! this new update makes it even worse since now I cannot even see the difference between my trades now. When actively collecting a set I could have 10-20 trades going. After the last update I would do 5-10 since I had to toggle back and forth. Now? I don’t even know. I have to make snapshots and paste the images in Word just to keep track of multiple trades. Wish this site stopped making trading harder with every update. The pics are nice in the windows - but just take up way too much room. Can we please just have some kind of dashboard - page - something back where we can view our trades in one place! PLEASE!

P.S. and we lost our trade history AGAIN! ugh! I used this too when trading and it helped to build my future offers based on what was accepted and declined! I almost think they want to make trading as hard as possible so we just buy packs! Sorry for ranting - but I am just SO FRUSTRATED!

(Sarab) #7

Noticed an issue that started about a week or so ago - when someone allows a trade to expire, the notification shows “X let your trade expire.” However, if you click on this to mark it as acknowledged, the text says “You did not respond to a trade”

(Steph) #8

I have two problems:

  1. There is no ‘replace’ button when I hover over a print in my display case. The cursor just becomes a magnifying glass. I’ve tried Chrome, Safari, Edge and Opera.

  2. I tried to create a post in this forum to ask this question. It got postponed by the spam filter - fair enough - but that was last Sunday and I’ve sent a message but had no response. Does it really take nearly a week for a thread to be started???

(Lisaa) #9

I’m having problems in the series preview (for creators). When I try to select which pieces I want to be displayed with the pack and I change one of them, the others change aswell to other, random pieces.
Also, when I change pieces they are removed from the menu and won’t come back when I change to another piece.

(Iman277) #10

I’ve been having trouble changing the art displayed on my page. I recently got a new computer and now I can’t change the art on my page. I went back to my old computer and I was able to change it but when I mouse over the pieces on my new computer, nothing comes up that would allow me to change them.


I just had a situation where someone wanted a print that I had because it was #1. But they were willing to trade me the same print that was #3. The site would not allow us to make the trade, said there was a print in the trade that was not available.

(Teaandmilk) #12

I would like to make a glitch report.

I originally found out about the series “hot dogs!” when I was scrolling through another person’s collection for potential series I could trade my duplicates with. Even though I have completed the set now, whenever I search the series title “hot dog!” or any keyword like “hot”, “dog” or “hot dog”, this series remain invisible on search. You may want to look into that. Thank you.

(Keara Adara) #13

(This involved a lot more trust and navigating than I’d expected, haha.)

(Mbannist) #14

i’m having my first glitch problem in a long time and it is very disconcerting after being able to identify the value of an image from its distinctive icon, that has gone and everything up to rare is a blue diamond. Is anyone else experiencing this. its the same on both chrome and firefox

(JB) #16

Having the same problem! Ugh, I want my cute little puns back!

(Whitney Ricketts) #17

This is because we replaced the art because it was plagiarized from another artist. An email went out to collectors this morning, and this is what it said:

"Unfortunately, today it was brought to our attention that the artwork in the series Animal Puns was actually made by another artist. In order to remove the plagiarized art and preserve the value of the cards in your collection, we replaced each card with brand new (and original!) artwork. We hope you enjoy it.

You can find artwork by the original creator of Animal Puns right here in her Etsy shop."

(gugustiuc) #18

What a shitty thing to do. Glad it got discovered. I never collected the series was it sold out ? Did any of the money end up with the plagiarizer ?

(JB) #19

I didn’t get that email you mentioned - and wondering,

  1. where the link is for the original art? (and I checked my spam folder, and got trade emails)
  2. and when will this replacement set fall alpha order - because it is making my OCD flare.
  3. what if I don’t like the art you replaced it with?

I would not have paid money for packs of this replacement set, and to be quite frank - I wouldn’t have even opened free packs for it. This art isn’t even similar to the original set I collected. Nothing against the artist, but this is not something I like.

I get why the original art had to be removed - stealing is very bad - but I feel there should have been two or three different replacement set options the user could select from - the key being that they were art that was similar to what was lost. And even if I didn’t care for any of them - it would still my choice as to what I replaced it with.


(Virginia Pratcher) #20

I agree 100% with what you said. When I first saw “Broken Necked Ghosts” I was disturbed to see it oddly placed in my “View A Series…” column (and actually thought it was a bad glitch in the system). Sadly, I discovered that it replaced “Animal Puns” and it depressed me…after all the TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY I put into the original series (which I adored), it saddened me to see it replaced with a series I would have NEVER collected. It would have been nice to have alternative sets that could have replaced the one I put A LOT of work into…I, also, never received an email about this

(dave d) #21

I didn’t get it either.