The free pack update and how it's changed your experience

(Spooningbards) #1

Now that we’ve had the change for a bit, how has it changed your experience in collecting and trading? I’ve actually gotten less trades than before and I’'ve personally stopped visiting the site as often because, at most, I get six packs a day due to time constraints.

For better or worse, share your experiences please!

(Lisaa) #2

I do visit more often than before and I has not been as stressful as I imagined it to be. It feel like it devalues cards a lot though. Starting a newly released collection just doesn’t feel worth it when it’s so easy to finish. I started focusing on older sets again. I also turned off trading, visiting this often doesn’t leave enough energy to care about trades, especially now that I can get so many cards anyway.

(Varactyls) #3

I’ll probably be in the minority - but I like the changes. Trades are few, but they always were for me. But now I am actually able to complete sets. I have gone back to collect some old ones too, with mixed results. I just wish there was a way to get the cards I’m missing from some of my out-of-print incomplete sets - but folks with those cards are long gone. And I still wish we had better communication from the team when these types of changes are happening.

(Funkaymunkay) #4

It felt like a sideways shift instead of anything really improving or degrading the experience. I’ve gotten a lot more cards a day, like 18 or so, but since I only ever had 2 or 3 sets I was REALLY interested in collecting at a time, it didn’t so much change my experience with completing sets, as it made me feel like I needed use those extra cards somewhere, so I started going back to old sets I had started previously and lost interest in and picking up cards for them. I WISH there were more sets I was excited about, but it seems like the amount of sets I find interesting is shrinking at the same time the number of cards I can get daily is growing! That’s classic supply and demand. I’m getting lots of packs but my interest is just low, so I’m always considering just finishing up the packs I am currently into, then turning off trades and taking a break from the site, then checking back in a few months to see what’s changed.

I’m kind of afraid that the changes that were made to the site really have killed off interest for a lot of creators. Myself, I was all geared up to start doing cards for Neonmob as a monetary sideline, but then those changes came last summer and it was like getting the carpet pulled out from under me! I am sure lots of other would-be creators felt the same way, and I’m sure it was even worse for existing creators. I’m not pointing a finger at Neonmob over it, because for all I know the site’s financial situation demanded the change. I just don’t know, and I don’t want to say shoulda if I don’t understand what’s going on. One problem with making any decisions concerning Neonmob is a lack of concrete info!

But yeah, for the recent update, it didn’t add much, it just sort of stirred the existing ingredients in the pot a little. For me anyway!

(Hellivioze) #5

Im not even a daily user any more. And when I do visit, I open 6 packs in a day then forget to come back to open the other packs I normally would have opened. I really wish they had it accumulate to 10

(Bowsercookies) #6

I like it, but I’d prefer a 10 accumulate. I have no life, but most people do after all. ^^

though I think I’ll finish all the sets I’m collecting faster now. and then I’ll get bored and wander off, cause there is very few new sets that interest me. but its a ways off from that. Maybe more sets will come before then.

(Loimprevisto) #7

I like the update. I usually manage to log in twice a day, so it’s a few extra packs for me and I always have something to open. I’ve noticed more trades since the update, and I’ve sent more myself since I’m active on collecting more series at one time.

(Kararedwing) #8

My experience lines up with @hellivioze; I show up every 2-4 days, get my six, and then forget about it. Also agree with @funkaymunkay that most new series don’t catch my eye. There just aren’t enough to feed the unique tastes of the different collectors. And I still refuse to post my on-going set on Neonmob. :slight_smile:

(Spooningbards) #9

This is exactly my issue - it makes no sense to set the limit to six. I’m no longer a daily user anymore because I can’t get the amount of cards I used to due to time constraints and irl responsibilities. I was becoming a lot more active and enjoyed it, but not anymore. I don’t see them caring for the users who can’t visit more than once a day, so it’s probably a matter of time before I leave.

Someone said they’re getting more trades, but I’m getting less trade offers than I did before this update. Site traffic is still dropping at this point (it’s down 7% over the last few months). With the continued lack of communication and constant changes that make little to no sense, I still don’t see the site recovering with this change (actually, won’t creators get even less royalties this way?)

(Mckayrulez) #10

For me right now personally, I’m making 21 cents per pack sold and since the update I’ve only sold 2 or 3 packs… I mean maybe it’s cause both of my series have been out 2 months now so it’s slowed down but idk… None of my other series have been voted up so I can’t tell for a completely new one. All I know is I’ve been contemplating leaving (as a creator, not as a collector) and taking my new art else were. It’s had enough as it is to get voted as it is to make the 10 dollars needed for payment. So yeah… My experience has changed from optimism and excitement to worry that this is pointless.

Btw does anyone use Etsy here? Is it a good place to switch too or easy to learn/make sense of? Or any thing better?

Update Just got two of my series approved! Guess I’m sticking around for a while.

(Castinbronze) #11

its been good for me but probably only because I’m not starting any new series, just finishing up old limited sets that still have packs available. Once I’ve completed as much as i can, i wont come back. They lost me as a creator after my first set when they published it with incorrect card counts after repeated emails to confirm that it would be released as i had intended; coupled with the fact i absolutely hated the new rules for set creation and the unlimited nature of the new cards. it was fun while it was fun and it’s not fun anymore. I’ll have better luck selling prints through Threadless than i ever did here

(dave d) #12

I like it a lot. I’m finishing up a bunch of older sets that I had not yet completed, and actually started some of the newer sets. I’m finding the newer sets much easier to complete than the older sets btw.

(Mbannist) #13

Not as bad as I imagined.
I have always been a trader and that aspect hasn’t changed for me, in numbers of trades or quality.
I probably get more cards on a day I remember to visit frequently and less when I don’t, so it is possible to easily visit four times a day if you are self employed or have free internet access at work.
I like the fact that I can finish sets in a reasonable time as there are so many new ones being released and the quality is high.
My spend remains the same

(Worr Barr) #14

I like new changes. I can get more cards per day and collect more sets then before. I even have some packs for amateur sets now. Trade same as before if not even more because now I collect more sets at the same time. Same for spending.