The auto-withdraw feature has failed me multiple times

(Dorothee Rudolph) #1

As I understood it, that when I have several trades open to get one lacking card, as soon as the first trade for this card is successful, the other open trades for this card should get auto-withdrawn. Well, this feature has failed on me multiple times by now.

I tend to sometimes make several trade offers (partially including different cards from my side) to get one card. After the first time, when the other trades weren’t auto-withdrawn, I tried to stay aware and thus was able to withdraw open trades manually, after I had received the wanted card, but at three times by now I ended up with two duplicates of the desired card, because of this bug. It also made me trade away some cherished cards unnecessarily, that I’d rather have kept for a duplicate of a card, that I only wanted to get once. This is really annoying!

Update: This time it worked again and auto-withdrew two trades after one was successful. But right now I don’t fully trust that feature.

(JB) #2

Good to know! I always was wary of that feature myself, and I miss the ability to trade away more than 1 card at a time.

(Cloud9) #3

auto-withdrawal only works for trading AWAY cards not trading FOR cards. It is so you don’t trade away your last card, but it is more of a hindrance than a help.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #4

Oh, I somehow thought it worked both ways. Thank you for the heads-up!