Thanks neonmob for the improving the trading system!

(Tragion) #42

I actually found out the problem. The reason the window didn’t have an accept or decline button was because the trade was withdrawn. I don’t know why withdrawn trades still appear in your active trade list.

(Le french Steak) #43

I have accepted trades from the gumpies that still show up there.
Guess old bugs are back.

Now I have an important question:
Does auto-decline/auto_withdrawn happens when I open packs ?

(Slydeviant) #44

Pretty terrible update, you ignored all the features people were requesting and made it harder to trade.

Kinda disapointing really, im becoming less and less inclined to bother trading at all now.

(Kevins) #45

The problem is that it doesn’t show that card anymore. You can only trade one of each card.

(Silogem) #46

Thought it does look nicer and is better for sorting, I don’t like the fact that the little warning symbol is gone, alerting me if I’ve offered a certain card within another trade.

(Ladyduke) #47

I agree wholeheartedly, sometimes I don’t trade certain packs for a few days if I can’t find the time. Sometimes I will find myself with three or four of the same card, and will just look to trade them in one go.What really irritated me was that I didn’t realize what was happening at first, since there are no notifications on my end for an auto-withdraw.

I know the site is just trying to “help” collectors in their own why, but if I make a mistake and trade all of my cards then that should be solely on me.

(Ladyduke) #48

Agreed. The format feels like its more for a mobile/touchscreen interface. And while I do have a touchscreen computer, I still prefer to use a mouse or the touch-pad. Going from one side of the screen to the other, just to keep opening and closing trades may not seem like a big thing; but when you have a large screen and make on average dozens of trades, it becomes much more time consuming than it was.

(Le french Steak) #49

I’d like to point out an actual improvement this time: You can now consult one’s Trader Bio directly from the trading windows.

(Jennifer) #50

Because cancelling a new trade doesn’t take me back to where I left off in the list of owners, and because the names of people I’ve cancelled trades with are no longer grayed out, I keep opening up new trades with users I already looked at and cancelled. At this point, I really don’t want to set up trades at all.

(Gorbachev) #51

I’m also more or less stopped trading any cards I know I can’t trade with the first user I pick from the list. This means I’m not trading any of my very rare, extremely rare or chase and variant cards. I will hold onto to them unless someone else wastes their time trading with me, or the trading system gets actually improved.

(Llf) #52

I think the Confirmation window is redundant. If users think the Accept and Decline buttons are too close, developer should simply clearly separate them. (Speaking a bit extreme, maybe a big red Decline button at the far left of the screen and a big green button at the far right of the screen.)

(Le french Steak) #53

I think they really should keep it. I just pressed “accept” instead of decline, and I don’t think it was because of how close they are, but because of how unused to click “decline” I am. If it wasn’t for that confirmation window, god I would have lost big.

(Llf) #54

I think people like you complicate the world. Joking :wink:
I feel you. Just hope there is a setting option to get rid of the Confirmation windows, just for users like me :laughing:

(Trisscar05) #55

Entire site now broken for Firefox, with script blocking, adblock, http blocking, and basically everything but antivirus and firewall turned off. Pretty much done with this, interesting social experiment that’s badly implemented and now not worth the time to participate in. Poke me if you want free cards, but otherwise I think I’ll find other stuff to do.

(Tragion) #56

Just use chrome then.

(Jennifer) #57

If I haven’t even added a single card to a trade, it shouldn’t ask me if I’m sure I want to cancel offering a trade. That’s extremely annoying and unnecessary when I’m trying to find a person to trade with.

(Le french Steak) #58

Improvement: There is now a “back to owners” arrow at the top left of the trade window !
For some reason though, there is no “back to seekers”…

(Jennifer) #59

Well, that’s an improvement. It thankfully has the usernames of those I’ve already looked at grayed out once again, but unfortunately it reloads the list and sticks me back at the top instead of taking me to where I left off like it used to.

(Le french Steak) #60

Apperently the rules about auto-widrawal haas changed, but I’m really confused about what they are now.

(Le french Steak) #61

By the way, may I know where you got the information? I have no idea where the patch notes are.