Thanks neonmob for the improving the trading system!

(Rtg Lp) #21

the new update was frustrating… :frowning:. i am used to multiple trades and the like, but now it is so hard to see if you have traded the card previously, and if someone accepts the card, then it involves in another, it auto-declines, frustrating, then it only move to the next card of the same kind if you have multiples.

then i have 50 trades for a day, now its just 10. the new system is hard.

(Rjg426) #22

I liked it at first, but the more I use the new trading system, the more frustrated I get.

(Le french Steak) #23

Uh, what ? What is this auto-cancelling thing? I haven’t noticed it yet.

There used to be a trading dashboard and they removed it ?!? I was planning on making a suggestion to add one !

(JB) #24

Yup there used to be.
Here is a snapshot of one I saved from my outgoing window.
This is what I want back - what I have been begging for since they took it away.

(JB) #25

(Le french Steak) #26

What the motherlock.
Gonna add this to my own thread.

And this dashboard is all I ever wanted ! Why would they remove it ?!?

(JB) #27

I’ve asked why since it happened.
Only downside to the old dashboard was that the trades you proposed were on an outgoing screen and the once others did was on an incoming screen.

We used to ask if there was a way that they all could be on one screen - and next thing you know - the trading “upgrade” and I use the term loosely - made it so they all appeared in the system they are now - where it is merged with messages and you can’t see them anymore.

It is has been downhill ever since - with each “upgrade” making trading more and more difficult.

(Trisscar05) #28

I do like the wider format, and the filtering is nice, but I tend to agree with most of the above points, like having a overview of all trades and the confirmation window and the trade list disappearing if you cancel out. Heck, I’d even prefer if we could search for people able to accept a very specific “card 105 for card 436” trade to ease the sheer amount of time it takes to find a trade I can (and want to) actually complete. Sort of like how most MMOs do their auction houses.

But that’s not my main issue atm sadly. Currently I have to refresh the page to get out of an incomplete trade window, because the Cancel button is broken for the vast majority of trades. If I mouse over it the pointer will change to the interact form for a moment, then start flashing between “pointer hand” and “arrow” quickly until I refresh the page.
It looks like a broken script to me, in all honesty, and I have no idea why it works occasionally and does not the rest of the time. I’m accessing the site through Firefox btw.

(Le french Steak) #29 ?

(Castinbronze) #30

Omg… Why would they remove this? :scream_cat: I’m a bit late to the game, having only joined in April but this would be super useful! Bring it back!

(Le french Steak) #31

My god this is true.
If you own three copies and trade two away, one trade will automatically be cancelled when the other is accepted.

(JB) #32

I guess because we aren’t responsible enough to not trade away our last piece of a print.
It’s like adding a child lock to the trading system - and they took away the warning triangle telling you that you have a piece offered in another trade. What’s next - parental controls on trades “Sorry, that’s not a fair trade - try again”?

(Le french Steak) #33

I wonder what it looks like on the opposing side. Do they ever get a trace of the trade that was automatically cancelled ?
Well people, do ourselve a favor. If you receive an automatically cancelled trade but like it, reroll it.

(Le french Steak) #35

If you asked me this system make us even less responsible:

You don’t know if the cards you’re proposing are already engaged, so you don’t know whether the trade you’re making up is going to be canceled out by another trade.
How to make sure you still receive the cards you requested in every trade? Multiply the variations of a single trade to several people, so even if a variation is cancelled out, there might still be another variation up and running.

This is system is just encouraging me to propose more trades than I can afford to conclude. Quite a dirty way of trading to me.

I have an idea: a bot that automatically trades away our duplicates for same-set equivalents we don’t own.

(Bunnyzombies) #36

agree with all of this.
especially the incomplete trade warning and I really dislike that if you cancel a trade it bumps you out of the users window. It is very time consuming to start the search over from scratch. I hope this gets updated soon!

if you hit esc it bumps you out of the trade without the warning, but it still doesn’t take you back to the traders list.

(Bunnyzombies) #37

may have figured it out. If you hit the add button a second time you can add that card or pack again.

(Sherri Keller) #38

Wow, that is ridiculous. Sometimes I might have gasp THREE of one card and want to trade two of them away. How on earth is removing that ability an improvement? Just give us back the exclamation point to let us know that card is in another trade and we can choose for ourselves whether or not to trade it.

I’m with you on missing the dashboard. While I do appreciate being able to see messages and past trades with each person, the dashboard was a nice way to see everything at once.

ETA: I do love the new filters, though. Being able to select multiple rarities is very welcome. However, it is a bit annoying how they reset each time you go back to the owners list.

(Le french Steak) #39

Lol, it’s not even limited to auto-withdrawn, I just received a notification that someone auto-declined my trade.
I’ve always had a line on my profile to tell people I am pretty relax on giving away singles and accepting in duplicates, but apparently Computer knows best what I want.
I guess they reallly are gonna implement that bot that automatically trades away your duplicates.

However, if you hit ESC and then re-open the search list, the people you already attempted to trade with will succesfully stay greyed out !

(Eiriee) #40

You press the Decline button, on the left of the Accept system

(Eiriee) #41

RE: getting back to Owners list - if you press the < button on the top left of the trading box (instead of the Cancel button) it takes you back to the Owners list rather than the home screen.