Thanks neonmob for the improving the trading system!

(Renatosardinhalopes) #1

hey neonmob, just came here to drop by to say: thanks.

improving the trading system really means a lot, and even if the system could get a bit more of a work I am really appreciated, as much of the users around here do a lot of trades, and improving the trade system only make our life easier. so… thanks!


well well. From what i’ve seen, people are saying the trading system became worst and worst has time have gone by, and after seeing the comments, I must aggre. I am only a newbie to the trading system, so I don’t know how it was like before, but damn, before were good one. Altough for me things like dashboard are missable, for big traders with 50 packs and stuff are missing it a lot. The only true problem here is, the auto cancel feature.

I mean come on neon mob you got a whole thread of suggestions just on these comments if you want to look for some, but the auto cancel feature? That’s the worst thing ever created! Altough I only liked the new trading system because of the quality filter and 2x thing when proposing a trade, I think you should really listen to the community again.

Ok enough of my speech, please actually improve your trading system.

(Rjg426) #2

The new system is pretty nice. The only problem I am having is that I can’t view the trades I proposed before the update.

(Megarose) #3

Oh, so it’s only old trades that do it? That explains my problem I guess. I thought trades were just broke.

(Kevins) #4

One problem I have is that you can’t trade multiples of one card, from what I can tell.

(Tragion) #5

I don’t know if this is related but I can’t find the accept or decline trade buttons, and it won’t let me message the user about the trade.

(Tragion) #6

That has to suck.

(JB) #7

Really bummed that we lost our trade history again! Why do we have to loose this every time the trading system is modified. I can’t even look at my alerts to see trades I have accepted/declined now.

Would love for updates not to wipe this helpful information. :frowning:

(Jaegis) #8

I think when trading is updated the formatting isn’t applied to the old trades so errors occur. It’s like if you took a floppy disk out of a very old computer and tried to put it in a modern PC. System can’t read it, and no one is put to the task of changing everyone’s floppy disks into CDs because the floppy disks get destroyed within two days anyways. That’s just my assumption though

(Xyberdameon) #9

I love the new wider layout for the trading system. The searching filter buttons are much more intuitive to navigate than the drop down menus. I like having cards arranged in the series order to make searching within my collection easier.

I do have a problem with the new warning for an incomplete trade. I often have to search among many users for someone with a compatible trade. It feels unnecessary because the button that prompts it is very difficult to hit by accident. I would also like to keep my place on the “owners” list when I return to it so I don’t have to scroll down over and over, but that is only a minor issue.

I’d also liked to have seen a new option with “show all series” to the effect of “show all series both of us collect”

(Mavneo) #10

Hey, is it just me or am I doing something wrong as I don’t have a trade box anymore? I do the normal thing, look for an owner of a card, click the ‘get’ box, then all I get is the message box down the right hand side, the scene doesn’t go black and I can’t click on anything, I have to hit the back button and it takes me back to my home page.

Any help would be good, thanks :slight_smile:

(Steven522) #11

I really don’t like the fact that we no longer see cards that are already in a trade. The old system let you know when a card you were going to offer was sitting in another trade. Now I have to keep track of this myself… or only make one trade at a time.

(Tragion) #12

Anyone know how to decline a bad trade with this new system?

(Mahpiacesi) #13

I don’t know if it is a bug, but now I can’t see if I already traded a card… remember that before we had a warning icon(!)? That’s really awful and frustrating.
But I liked the visual changes and update in general.

(Gorbachev) #14

I’m sorry, but this new system is not an improvement.

It only looks nicer. The functionality is worse than before.

The ability to see cards you’re trading already in other trades is gone. You also can’t seem to cancel a trade without removing all the cards from the trade first (this could be just a browser specific bug, but still).

And when you cancel a trade, you don’t go back to the Owners/Seekers list, but back to your collection screen. This means trading for rare cards that are hard to match trades with becomes REALLY time consuming, because you have to scroll through the list of potential traders over and over and over again.

I know it’s really cool to experiment with different designs, but when you do that at the expense of useful functionality, there really is no point in it.

Additionally, you haven’t really spent any time in improving the trading functionality at all. There are several issues with the usability. I feel like concentrating on design issues is absolutely the worst way to spend your time and effort.

(Griffinx) #15

100% agree with gorbachev! I’m doing this site entirely on my phone and it went from over complicated to just obnoxiously useless.

Was there anything useful added? I was very hopeful for the “collections we have in common” to make trading across sets much easier.

(Lithia) #16

I do not like the update at all. It’s difficult to use, I can’t tell what cards I have in another trade, and it freezes my laptop half the time, when it never has before.

(JB) #17

I’m starting to think the title for this thread is sarcasm - since there are more complaints than actual thank you’s.

I agree though, every time there has been an update to the trade code it has felt like a downgrade.

Why can’t we go back to our incoming and outgoing dashboards?
That was a great system - you could SEE all of your trades - prints and all - and it greyed out the ones you didn’t own - so if you had multiple trades out for the same print and one went through all the other trades would now show that in color - meaning you had it - and knew exactly what trades to cancel - WITHOUT clicking on each one to see what it was. Since we had this before - I know it’s possible - so why can’t we have it BACK???

There was no update to highlight sets in common, or even a way for us to constructively remove prints from our account without begging for someone to take them from us in a trade.

And auto cancelling/withdrawing trades? WHY? maybe I want two - maybe I want 12? If I initiated 12 trades let me decide which I want to withdraw. So now I have to wait for each trade to be responded to before trading again? Not to be mean - but this is dumb. Give us back the warning indicator that we have this piece is X amount of trades and let us be responsible individuals.

It really feels like this was just done to get whatever was needed for the iOS app trading to work - and no thought to what users ACTUALLY WANTED.

It makes me - since I won’t say I speak for everyone - it makes me feel like you really don’t want us to trade at all - and this is a round-about way to force us to buy more packs for the prints we want.

Now, every time I see down for maintenance - I cringe and just wonder what they are taking away next. :frowning:

(Scubadude) #18

This has got to be a joke. The wider format is good. But other than that, its broken.

When you click “owner” or “seeker” to see who has a card you need or one that you want the list comes up as it did before. Then you click that person and search to see if they have something you want or you have something they want - same as before. But, alas, that person doesnt have the card you want or want what you have, so you hit cancel. And you have to start ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Frankly this is such a pain, it makes trades 10x more time consuming. Why the list of people goes away when you cancel a trade with a particular person is beyond me. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

(Randallpinkflyd) #19

and please add back in the Confirmation window after you select Accept or Decline trade. The buttons are close enough to each other that you could accidentally click the wrong button.

(Jennifer) #20

I’m glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t like the updated trading system. I liked the confirmation windows for Accepting or Declining a trade. The confirmation window for cancelling a trade is annoying. That I lose my place in the list of card owners when I cancel a trade is a huge step back in terms of usability, and it makes setting up trades an even more time-consuming task than it already was.